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My painless birth of little Noemi - how to achieve it and some inspiration for you

My personal journey to a painless birth, my entire birth story and the techniques I used during the process. I will recommend several great videos about painless birth and share what opened this path for me. I will also share how my pre-birth and birthing altar looked like, as well as the story of the birthing wand that is now traveling and helping other women in labor.

I have decided to write this story in order to transform the experiences of other women. To change the

perspective of what is possible to experience. When a painless birth is possible, nothing is impossible

anymore! Even if this story helps only one woman, it is meaningful.

Even if just one woman can give birth painlessly, it is possible for me too

I was preparing myself for my first birth and believed that it could happen very smoothly. However, it

turned out to be very painful and took place in a hospital. When I got pregnant for the second time, I knew

I wanted it differently. During my second pregnancy, I told myself that even if just one woman in the

world can give birth painlessly, it is enough for me to believe that it is possible. And therefore real for me.

I found many such women, which was the beginning of my journey towards a truly beautiful, gentle and

painless home birth.

Now, after an amazing second birth, I can see what was important for me in order to experience such a

beautiful and gentle birth and rewrite the unpleasant experience of my first birth. I believe that these

insights can also help you. I will describe what helped me tune into a painless birth and how you can

experience it painlessly as well. This article is a gift for all women who are seeking new possibilities and

ways to give birth as naturally and painlessly as possible.

We had been feeling the soul of Noemi for a while, so we invited her into our family in a ritual

When conceiving Noemi, just like with our first son Neo, we approached it consciously. We decided to

create a ritual where we would invite another soul into our family. The soul of Noemi had been reaching

out to us in a magical way for a long time, and I will definitely write about it someday because there were

truly many synchronicities and clear messages. We felt that it was a girl.

We wanted to perform this ritual on a special date. We liked the date 9/9. Coincidentally, it also aligned

with the new moon. Additionally, this date holds significant energy as several synchronicities occurred on

different years. When I realized this through a Facebook reminder, it gave me chills and amused me at the

same time.

Synchronicities associated with the date 9/9, which we chose for Noemi's ritual

On 9/9/2013, I posted the affirmation "It's never too late to change your life" on Facebook. At that time, I

wasn't using Facebook much. In fact, it was the early days of Facebook here in the Czech Republic and I

didn't know what to share on it. I was going through a transformative phase in my partnership with my ex-

husband. On this day, I felt a strong urge to post this affirmation on my Facebook wall.

Three days later, on 9/12/2013, I met Honza at a tea gathering at Vitalvibe, where, mysteriously, no one

else showed up. It was only me and Honza. The story of how we met is filled with incredible

synchronicities and miracles. I could write a whole book about it. Honza and I have already shared a part

of our story in a podcast and I'll definitely write a shorter article about it too. From this date, our shared

journey began. We felt like we had known each other for ages. Since that day, we have been living our

lives together. After meeting Honza, I immediately got divorced, ended a 10-year-long relationship, and

completely transformed my entire life.

After several years, I also used the same affirmation on my own edition of Omniblend blenders. I didn't

even realize it was connected to my profound life transformation. You can read more about the blenders in

The connection between the date 9/9, the affirmation "It's never too late to change your life," the blenders

and Noemi's conception became apparent to me when Noemi was 1 year and 3 months old, and I left her

for the first time with a friend for babysitting. It was precisely on 9/9. On that day, when my friend took

Noemi for babysitting, a memory popped up on my phone - 7 years ago, I shared this affirmation. And

suddenly, it all made sense to me.

But now, let's get back to the story of our ritual.

In the kitchen, we prepared a beautiful circle for the ritual, and in the evening, an unexpected surprise occurred

For our ritual we chose Corsica as the location as we fell in love with its green forests, mountains, and

beautiful sea. On the day of the ritual, we began slowly preparing the circle, gradually bringing various

gifts and treasures of nature into it. Our little son Neo helped us. Together, we adorned it with various

flowers, leaves, pine cones, and other items we had prepared for the ritual at home.

When we decided to perform the ritual, ideas about what should be part of the circle started coming to us. It's a wonderful intuitive process. If you relax and stop overthinking and trying to figure out how to perform the ritual, ideas and solutions will naturally "come" to you.

In the evening, we had a beautiful circle set up in the kitchen of the house we were renting in Corsica.

That day Neo fell asleep at eight o'clock in the evening, which rarely happened so early. That itself was a

miracle. And so, space was created for the two of us. We lit candles, Palo Santo and other incense and sat

in the circle.

Suddenly, an unexpected surprise came. Honza asked me to close my eyes and started preparing

something. I was sitting there and I couldn't even imagine what it could be.

I cried with emotion. And little did I know what Honza had prepared for the end

Honza turned on a small television hanging from the kitchen ceiling, connected it to his computer, and

played music. I opened my eyes and on the screen appeared a montage of all our videos and photos from

the beginning of our relationship. Honza played it and I cried with emotion. And I still didn't know what

he had prepared for the end. I was about to receive a proposal for a wedding ritual. It was beautiful,

unexpected and on top of that, on the day we decided to fully open ourselves to another baby.

After the marriage proposal, we sat again by the circle and each of us invited a little soul into our family.

It's wonderful to do it with full attention, consciously, and therefore sacredly. This expression was a great

celebration for me, welcoming another life, another soul into our family. I don't remember exactly what

each of us said, but they were words spoken from the heart by each of us.

We told the little soul that she can come anytime when the right time for her and for us will come

We invited the little soul into our family, welcomed her and let her know that she is already loved, that we

are looking forward to meet her and that she can come whenever she wants. Exactly when it will be the

best and the most suitable time for her and all of us.

I knew I didn't want to interfere with the divine perfect timing and that I wanted to be surprised. The baby can come at any time - I could conceive that very evening or in a few years. I started looking forward to it even more!

To support the conception of little Noemi, Honza and I created a picture together during the ritual using

automatic drawing (instructions for it are provided below). Afterward, we discussed the picture and shared

our feelings, perceptions and what we saw in it. We listened to mantras while sipping ritual cocoa and

tasting new raw chocolates we discovered in Corsica. We simply had a beautiful evening, supporting our

lifelong decision to have more children. It was a celebration that brought miracles.


Tip: Steps to create your own automatic drawing for conception support:

  1. Prepare colored pencils, paper, and create a beautiful space.

  2. Sit with your partner and each of you individually tune into yourselves and then to each other. You can use meditation, play your favorite song or spend a few minutes in silence. You can do anything. Just try to be more and more in the present moment.

  3. Send the intention for which you will create the automatic drawing. It can be a connection with the future baby, a question for the baby or anything you resonate with. State the intention out loud or simply say it in your mind. It's up to you. You can't mess up anything during the ritual. However you do it, it will be perfect.

  4. Close your eyes and when you feel the urge to draw, choose a colored pencil with your eyes closed. Take it and simply scribble and draw on the paper. Follow what your hand wants to do. Don't think about anything else. Just allow yourself to relax more and more into the drawing. Deeper and deeper. When you feel like taking another colored pencil, do so and continue drawing. Repeat until you feel that the drawing is complete. Keep your eyes closed throughout the process and open them only when both of you have finished drawing.

  5. Drawing that will come to you will be a message for you. You may have a certain feeling from it, which will be a message from the soul you have connected with. Perhaps you will see a symbol in it as well. Be prepared to be surprised. The combination of colors that appear in the picture is also interesting. See if there are more girlish or boyish colors prevailing. When we did this technique with Honza for the first time during our conscious conception ritual for our son Neo, we created an image of a face that clearly showed it was a boy's head laughing.


On the day of the ritual we performed for the soul of Noemi, I became pregnant

I return to our ritual conception and what happened next. I got pregnant, even though I hadn't had a period

for 2.5 years due to breastfeeding little Neo. Little Noemi wanted to come to us so strongly. The

gynecologist later told me this date as the only possible one when we analyzed when I could have gotten

pregnant and when she saw the size of the fetus. She said, "It looks like the day you got pregnant was

September 9th. Is that possible?"

The pregnancy went beautifully and I tuned myself to more and more trust and to connection with myself.

When I contemplated whether I should give birth at home or in a hospital, it came to me that for some

reason I would feel safer in a hospital. Considering my first birth which was very exhausting, I wasn't

surprised. It turned out fine, but during the process I experienced a moment when I was so exhausted that

my body didn't have much strength left. This story greatly influenced my feelings about childbirth.

Thanks to therapy, I healed my negative experience with the first birth

Despite this negative experience, something called me to rewrite it and experience a dream birth. A birth

that would happen with gentleness, without pain, and preferably in the comfort of my home. That idea

was there, but it was overshadowed by the burdensome experience of the first birth. And because I wanted

to heal it and tune myself to a completely different experience, I went to my friend who can delve into

various levels of the subconsciousness and explore the topic.

During the therapy, we went deep. A story from a past life opened up to me, which was connected to a

home birth and the loss of a baby. At the same time, it became apparent that I couldn't say goodbye to this

soul, so this story wasn't closed. Whatever the case, this story, which I saw in front of me and especially

within myself, triggered a big, deep and healing cry. I said goodbye to the baby's soul and suddenly felt


I started to experience healing on a physical level as well. I lost my sense of taste, smell and voice

A few days later, we were preparing for a month-long trip to Bali. I was in my fifth month of pregnancy

and Neo was 2.5 years old. Opening up the topic of birth during therapy triggered a healing process on a

physical level within me. I developed a runny nose and a severe cough. But the cough was so intense that

within three days of the trip, I lost my sense of smell, taste and even my voice. After this exhausting

journey, I felt that compared to that, giving birth would be completely easy.

In Bali, I spent three weeks healing from this condition. I mainly drank freshly squeezed fruit and

vegetable juices. We postponed our wedding with Honza, which we had planned for the middle of our

stay in Bali, knowing and trusting in divine timing. A separate article will soon be published about our

entire wedding ritual in Bali and the subsequent second wedding ritual and official ceremony in the Czech


Upon returning from Bali, I felt that I wanted to give birth at home, but all the midwives were fully booked

The immense fear, mistrust and heaviness regarding this issue had dissipated, and trust and peace took

their place. It was March and I had less than three months left until the birth. Finding a midwife or doula

for a home birth at such short notice was almost impossible. Thanks to my inner alignment and trust,

where I perceive that nothing is impossible and that a solution will always arise if it is meant to be, I

opened myself up to all possibilities and solutions.

I contacted dozens of doulas and midwives, but no one could or wanted to attend a home birth. At that moment, I told myself that perhaps home birth wasn't meant for me. Maybe there was something hidden deep in my subconscious that I couldn't see. Or perhaps the birth would be so fast that we would give birth at home before we could reach the hospital. Or maybe there could be a billion other scenarios that didn't make sense to dwell upon.

I knew that this birth would be beautiful, whether at home or in a hospital. And if I were meant to give

birth at home, a doula or midwife would somehow appear. I delved even deeper into finding a solution,

which only life itself can come up with.

I told myself that maybe home birth wasn't meant for me, or another solution would come. And it did!

On the exact day of the spring equinox, I was lying in the bathtub, reading the responses of all the doulas

and midwives who had turned me down. I felt that I needed to let it go. I told myself that I would let it be

and completely surrendered to it. There was a great acceptance that my birth story could be completely

different from my desire to give birth at home.

About 10 minutes after fully letting go of my desire, the doula I knew personally, the doula with the most

experience out of all the ones I contacted, the doula I attended a Hypnobirthing course with during my

first pregnancy – she messaged me. Considering her busy schedule and approaching due date, I didn't

have much hope from a rational perspective that she would have space to take on another client for

prenatal care. She leads many courses, so she is usually fully booked nine months in advance.

The doula and the midwife both had exams around my due date. It was a test of trust and faith

This doula told me that she didn't have any women in her care around my due date because during that

period she had exams at another university. She had blocked out time in her work schedule to allow for

preparation and studying. The exact date of her exams was not yet clear and was expected to fall within a

1-3 week range, which she would find out shortly before the exams. At the same time, she asked me if I

had a midwife. Of course, I didn't have one, but the solution came immediately. And it came directly from

her. She informed me that she had a friend who was a midwife and also had exams during that period, so

she had availability.

Both of them could assist me. The only thing was that they both had exams around my due date. It

presented a beautiful solution and, at the same time, a test of trust and faith.

Since I valued both of them greatly, I proposed an option to them. If I happened to give birth during their exam period or shortly before, I would not count on them and it would be a sign for me that the birth should proceed without their presence. It was another exercise from the universe. How much would I trust? How much would I surrender to the open resolution of this story?

For me, it was easy because my faith in the wisdom that surrounds us, transcends us and is also within us

is absolute. I know that everything happens for my highest good. It is deeply, deeply rooted within me, so

I had no problem suggesting this open resolution to them. Both of them eventually agreed.

My birth was approaching along with the dates of both the doula's and the midwife's exams. But Noemi waited for both women

Another test of trust came. The due date I had scheduled according to the clinic was Sunday, June 9th. Of

course, it was an estimated date. Labor can happen plus or minus two weeks before or after, but it was the

date we were supposed to coordinate with both women.

When we had a joint session in May, the midwife informed me that she would likely have her state exams

on Monday, June 10th. I perceived how the universe tested the depth of my trust. Once again, I told

myself that I believe in the wisdom of my body, the universe and the entire existence, and if anyone

knows what they're doing, it's the mighty force of the universe. Because if this date truly was the date of

her exams, the midwife wouldn't be able to attend my birth. The weekend of June 8th and 9th wouldn't

work for the doula either, who told me that a weekend Hypnobirthing course would take place on those

days, which she would lead. Besides, she didn't want to go to a home birth without the midwife.

In the end, the midwife had her exams earlier and Noemi chose to be born exactly on June 10th. At that

time, both the midwife and the doula had finished their exams, so Noemi waited for both women to come

to our home and support us.

I didn't know I was in labor. I thought it was just Braxton Hicks contractions

I woke up in the morning and felt my belly tighten. It only lasted a few seconds each time and repeated

about every half an hour. No pain. Only this was happening. Since I had never experienced Braxton Hicks

contractions before, I thought it was them.

During the morning, I stayed in bed and decided to do what I enjoyed the most: preparing the design of

photos for the book on perfect blending, which I finished that day. I lit a candle, made myself some tea

and was being creative from the comfort of my bed. I really enjoyed it. Around noon, I fell asleep. I felt

sleepy, so I followed the needs of my body. I slept until about 2:30 p.m. Then the tightening of my belly

continued. I texted a friend, telling her that I probably had Braxton Hicks contractions and that we would

probably join the magic show in the evening to which we were invited that day. I thought it would be a

nice distraction. In the end, we didn't join because the greatest magic of life happened right at our home

that evening. :-)

The waves of contractions started to shorten, so we arranged for someone to babysit Neo

In the afternoon, the tightening of my belly continued in shorter intervals, I think about every 15 minutes.

I continued creating and alternated it with listening to Dušek and his show Duše K, which I later replaced

with listening to mantras. Around 4 p.m. I texted my friend that we wouldn't come, that I was having

contractions every 15 minutes and I also informed the doula and the midwife.

In the afternoon, it continued and the only thing I felt was a sensation similar to premenstrual symptoms.

For me, it's just a gentle pressure in the legs that occasionally occurs. Around 6 p.m. I realized it would be

best to arrange childcare for little Neo. Honza's parents came to pick him up. When Neo came to say

goodbye to me, it was the hardest part of labor for me. Sadness came saying goodbye to Neo and realizing

that I was in the flow of birthing that couldn't be stopped. That farewell contained all its aspects, including

tears. But within a few minutes, once Neo had left, I was back in my joyful experience of birth and

looking forward to the arrival of the new baby. From that point on, Honza was with me. Before that, I was

alone in the bedroom, enjoying some time with myself.

Nothing was hurting me, so I didn't feel the need to call the doula or the midwife

The fact that the waves were more frequent and longer and that nothing was hurting me, filled me with

immense euphoria. Actually, my mind still couldn't believe that my body was giving birth. It didn't want

to believe that nothing hurt, so I didn't feel the need to call the doula or the midwife to our home.

However, my husband wanted to.

Around 7 p.m., when Honza asked me if he should call someone, I told him that it was definitely too

early, that it was just the beginning.

At the moment I replied like that, a question came to my mind for Honza, as if someone had dictated it to me: „And do you want them here already? Will you feel safer?“ He nodded. „Then go ahead and call,“ I told him.

Both women had about an hour's journey to reach us. They arrived at 8 p.m. We greeted each other and I

welcomed them with a smile and the euphoria that nothing was hurting me. The women examined me and

everything was fine. I only needed their confirmation. They went to the adjacent room where my husband

had prepared fruit and treats for them, leaving us in the privacy of our bedroom.

During this time, I tried the breathing technique taught by Mrs. Moučková, which allowed me to feel no

pain at all. It was like the greatest magic of all magic for me! Honza was still with me, placing a warm

water bottle on my hips. It was very pleasant and even more relaxing.

A bigger wave came, which made me release a sound. The women immediately rushed over

Around 9:15 p.m. a big wave came. A stronger pressure that suddenly compelled me to release the first

deep sound. Even this wasn't painful. That sound released the pressure.

Once they heard the sound, they ran up to me and asked, "So, Zuzi, can you feel that it's stronger now?" I replied, "Yes, and my body wants to push the baby already."

I thought that now everything would truly begin...

Compared to my previous childbirth, this moment felt like the beginning of labor. The midwife assured

me that everything was fine, that I could start pushing and added, "The baby will be here soon." This

completely surprised me. Totally!

How could the baby be here already when everything had been happening so gently up until this point? It completely shocked me.

Before I could recover from this astonishment, another wave came, forcing me to leave the bed and go

down to the floor, where we had a prepared mattress and kneel on my knees. Suddenly, I was just

observing my body giving birth. I remembered a passage from Lucie Groverová's book, describing her

painless childbirth. I was just as amazed as she was at how it was happening on its own and with such

gentleness. Suddenly, I knew that the baby's head would be born. And then the final wave came. During

that one, I only heard the women telling my husband how to catch the baby. Noemi was born during the

third wave, precisely at 22:30.

It was a completely new experience for me. This birth rewrote my previous negative experience.

I remained kneeling and just stared ahead in amazement. I was so surprised that I didn't even look at the

baby. For me, it meant rewriting a very exhausting and painful first birth. A completely new experience. A

new universe. A new essence. A new life.

Noemi immediately latched on after birth, and we continued to have a wonderful postpartum time with

the baby and also with Honza. In the warmth and safety of our home. It was indescribably beautiful. The

care provided by the women immediately after birth was also beautiful. They showered me and took care

of all the cleaning and assistance with the baby.

I hardly slept that night. It was impossible. An enormous surge of energy, enthusiasm, love, respect,

gratitude, beauty and a new intense experience came. It was something I had longed to experience. I held

Noemi in my arms all night, sitting with her in bed and replaying this experience of painless childbirth

over and over.

Tip: I have decided to share this story and much more in an interview for the Conscious Conception

Congress, where you can purchase all the lectures on the Natural Motherhood Academy website.

I have received permission from the founders of the Conscious Conception Congress to share the

interview about my painless childbirth here directly. So here it is as a gift:

The Key to Painless Childbirth: Why My First Birth Was So Painful

The number one key to my painless childbirth was deep and all-encompassing inner calm and absolute

trust that everything was happening for me and the baby, for our physical and mental well-being and also

an absolute belief that any challenge had its solution.

Throughout my pregnancy, I anchored this calmness more and more (see tips at the end of the page on

how I prepared for a painless birth) and during labor not a single thought crossed my mind that something

could go wrong. Once I knew I was in labor, I enjoyed every wave (contraction) and looked forward to

seeing little Noemi very soon. This mindset prevailed within me, leaving no room for anything else.

  • During my first birth, I had a lot of stress and tension due to the unknown factors - the hospital I was going to. Inside me, it looked something like this: "I'm giving birth. It's happening. Tension. I'm going to he hospital. Tension. What will happen next? Tension. What kind of examinations await me? Tension." And so on.

  • During my second birth, I was calm, relaxed, and excited. Inside me, it looked completely different: "I'm giving birth. Wow, it's happening already. Relaxation. I'm so excited. It's beautiful. Relaxation. Nothing hurts. I'm dancing. I'm listening to music. Relaxation. I'm savoring every minute. I even worked on the design of my book on mixing during labor. I'm relaxing more and more. I'm immensely happy that it's happening. And it continued like that."

The fact that calmness is truly one of the major keys resonated with me through the story of a woman who

shared her experience of painless childbirth in a video. She didn't know she was giving birth because her

due date was set for the second half of January, but she started labor on December 24. She couldn't

believe that labor was already underway. With Christmas happening, her attention was completely focused

elsewhere, and her mind didn't hinder her from experiencing painless childbirth.

At the same time, I remembered my private birth assistant whom I had during my first hospital birth.

During the prenatal course, she told us that if she could take off woman's heads during labor and place

them on the shelf, the woman would give birth within 10 minutes. This birth assistant had over 35 years of

experience with childbirth, so she had witnessed a lot. She also told us about the significant difference

between Western and Eastern women during childbirth. It was very interesting to realize, observe, and put

it into perspective.

I realized how interconnected it all is – what happens inside strongly influences what happens on the outside.

Women who were more centered within themselves, in meditation and connection, gave birth intuitively

and didn't have stress within them. On the other hand, some women who arrive in a hospital are scared,

stressed and completely disconnected from the process – often still dealing with many things on their


So I wish for you to open yourself to painless childbirth, gentleness and even greater faith that it is

possible to give birth in this way.

Because anything is possible. You can choose what to tune into.

And if you've read this far, it's more than possible!

It becomes a reality.

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


Tip: Techniques and videos I used to tune into painless childbirth

1. Pregnancy Mantra

My pregnancy mantra, which I repeated to myself anytime during the day and often at night when I woke

up, was:

Everything is happening for the perfect physical and mental health of me and my baby.

I have said this sentence to myself maybe a thousand times and each time it brought me more and more calmness. I was fortunate not to be exposed to any stress, I had exemplary results from the examinations I underwent and I didn't have any problems, whether physical or mental, that would be bothering me. I felt wonderful and the anticipation of the baby and all the new things that were coming prevailed. It had a great impact on the entire - I would say almost magical and possibly unbelievable for some - course of


Those of you who have read my e-book "May Cause Miracles" surely already know why feeling good is so crucial and how much it can influence the reality that will unfold. And if you don't have the e-book yet and are looking for ways to move forward in life and open yourself up to even greater flow, magic and miracles, fill out the form at the bottom of the New Place homepage and I will send it to you as a gift.

2. Insight into natural childbirth

I also ordered an insight for my home birth from Margot Anthei Gabriel. Since I perceive that this insight

contains the key for other women as well, I am making it available here for download. Perhaps you will

find a sentence in it that will transform your mindset or open you up in your faith or trust where you were

not open before. Maybe you will start trusting life even more. Maybe you will start trusting yourself even


3. Prenatal and childbirth altar

During pregnancy, I started creating a ritual space in our bathroom, behind the bathtub where we have a large storage surface.

I arranged a birth mandala there using various personal items, gifts from nature, crystals, candles, oils and little presents. It became a beautiful place that constantly reminded me of how I tune into calmness and trust. It reminded me that childbirth is the most natural process that can occur for a woman. And that it is

possible to give birth painlessly, gently, calmly and even orgasmically.

4. Birthing Wand

I made a birthing wand at a carving course that Honza and I attended in Olomouc. The course was led by our friend Marek Cinko, who creates beautiful wooden sculptures with embedded crystals. Each participant could make whatever they wanted during the course. We paid for the course to make wooden wedding rings for our wedding ritual in Bali. During the introductory meditation led by Marek at the start of the course, we were supposed to tune into our personal object that we would create. To my surprise, the image of a birthing wand appeared in my mind instead of a wedding ring.

I had never heard this term before, so it surprised and amused me. When the meditation ended, Marek

poured a whole box of various pieces of wood in front of us. We were supposed to choose the wood for

whatever came to us during the meditation. A piece of wood that looked like a wand fell in front of me. It

was clear. I had to make the wand first and I would make the ring afterward. Marek helped me with the

wand. We carved the outline of a pregnant woman with a baby into it and inserted a stone called Herma

(false diamond) into her yoni. We also hollowed out the back to fit a stone that I chose specifically for


After my painless birth, I decided that the wand would be a traveling wand and I would lend it to women

as support for their own births.

5. Crystals for childbirth and the baby

I love crystals, especially buying them with a specific intention or to support something that is currently happening in my life. So, I chose not only a crystal specifically for childbirth (see image), but also a stone for little Noemi during my pregnancy. It was part of my prenatal altar and I placed it inside the birthing wand before giving birth. I selected both stones from my friend who has the project Krystaly REON and is deeply connected to crystals. I love his work and how he can work with crystals and convey messages from them.

For Noemi, I chose a stone that I had never heard of or seen before. It immediately caught my attention, so it was clear that it was the one I came for that day. Its name was Venus's Hair. That amused me because the place where I found out I was pregnant was Horní Věstonice, which is associated with the Venus of Věstonice.

6. Affirmation Board, Drawing, Vision Board or Journal for Supporting a Pain-Free Birth

During pregnancy, you can start writing down affirmations that bring you calmness, confidence, and belief in a beautiful, gentle and possibly pain-free birth. Affirmations can soothe your mind when it presents you with countless terrifying scenarios and images. With fears and anxieties, you can simply work by recognizing that it's just your mind and you don't have to believe it. What your mind presents to you usually doesn't happen at all. They are just imaginings tied to the future and various offers to grab your attention. Once you recognize this, you've won.

You always have the option to thank your mind for the story it created and tell yourself that it's not your reality, that it's not happening now and choose a pleasant visualization that will calm you and bring a good feeling. You always have the power of choice. You can always redirect your attention elsewhere. I often

say to myself, "Thank you, but I'm not playing this game!" You can come up with any other phrase that

serves as a response to something you don't want to have in your mind. If it comes from within you, it will

be even stronger and more effective.

One of the tools that can help you in working with your mind is creating an affirmation board. Write down

the best affirmations you have discovered regarding your dream birth on this board. If you keep this board

or drawing in a place where you will see it often during the day, the affirmations will sink deeper into

your subconsciousness. It will greatly help you tune your mindset to what you desire in connection with

childbirth. You can also have a small journal that you carry with you, where you gradually write down

affirmations. And when your mind presents you with an unpleasant thought or story, open the journal and

read the affirmations. It will serve as an anchor that will bring you back to greater self-confidence, deeper

connection with yourself and the baby, and faith in the support of the entire existence surrounding you and anything else you specifically need.

You can create both - a journal and an affirmation board, poster or vision board. Support yourself in any

way in this direction. It will bring you a lot. You'll see.

7. Videos that Supported My Journey to a Pain-Free Birth

I perceive these videos as treasures, and I believe they will bring you more calmness, comfort and

harmony into your own story:

  1. "Blissful Birth of Layla"

  2. "Sabina's Pain-Free Birth"

  3. "Birth Doesn't Have to Hurt" and "How to Have a Pain-Free Birth with Vojáčková"

  4. "I Sailed Through My Fifth Birth"

  5. Breathing technique for a pain-free birth that worked perfectly for me, shared by herbalist and healer Mrs. Moučková. She discusses this breathing technique starting from the 17th minute.

8. Inspiration from Women Engaged in Pain-Free Birth

Women who professionally engage in pain-free births and offer inspiration through books, videos,

consultations and meditations:

9. Books, Cards, E-books, and Courses on Pain-Free Birth

  • Book: So That Birth Doesn't Hurt by Lucie Groverová

  • Cards: So That Birth Doesn't Hurt by Lucie Groverová

  • E-book: Mystical Birth by Tereza Kramerová

  • Course: Hypnobirthing by Gentle Birth. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about childbirth both theoretically and practically within two days. Absolutely and unequivocally the best course that I recommend to everyone who asks me about childbirth.

10. Recommendation for a doula and Gentle Birth course

  • Gentle Birth Course: If you are looking for an all-inclusive and perfect course where you will learn everything from practical aspects to meditation practices, attend the two-day Gentle Birth course with your partner. Within two days, you will have a comprehensive overview and clarity, knowing everything necessary. The courses take place throughout the Czech Republic, explore their website and find a course near your place of residence. Currently, these courses are also conducted online.

  • Doula: I personally attended the Gentle Birth course with doula Viktorie Sieczeková (her website), who was present at my childbirth and I wholeheartedly thank her for that.


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