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Two wonderful synchronicities during Vitalvibe's 10 year anniversary celebration

On Sunday 28.2. we held an anniversary celebration for more than 60 people at our Vitalvibe brick-and-

mortar store in Brno. Two synchronicities happened during this evening. One of them was even linked to

my new e-book May cause miracles, which is now available here on the site for free download as a gift.

To me it was a beautiful symbolism of how perfect divine timing is and how New Place makes itself

known in an absolutely magical way!

It was time to blow out the candle, but unexpectedly there was none on the cake. And so the universe came up with a solution

The first thing that happened was related to the moment when we were supposed to blow out the candle

on the cake. The shop was completely filled with people and Honza and I had just finished a short speech.

It's cake time.

I said, "Now we could blow out the candle." But suddenly I realized that there was actually no candle on

the cake! So I called across the entire store to the kitchen to see if anyone could bring a candle. At that

exact moment, the door to the shop opened and a lady came in. All in white. She even had blonde hair and

looked just like an angel. She held a huge candle with both hands and handed it to me. But she hadn ́t

heard my call to find the candle.

Standing next to me was a coach and quantum mentor Chris Seraphie, who looked at me and said: "That's really cool! Wow!"

I was also enchanted and excited. These things happen to me a lot, but it's amazing when they manifest in

front of so many people. I love these situations that even if you tried to plan it this way, you would probably not be successful. I thought to myself, this was an anniversary gift for me. Thank you universe!

At the workshop, I showed the magic of conscious eating

The celebration at Vitalvibe continued with my workshop, where I showed how to liven up one ́s diet with

truly nutritious foods for the body. I also realized that everyone should try to add the most important thing

to their diet in addition to superfoods – a conscious approach to eating.

I encouraged everyone to try to realize before eating if the food they are about to eat will really support

and nourish the body, or if it is just industrially processed food full of chemicals and empty calories. I also

mentioned that it's great to realize the connection between what we eat and how we feel after eating it.

This can also deter us from eating mindlessly the next time.

This way of eating is actually a bit of a spiritual practice. When you practice it as often as possible, you

will slowly begin to move towards a natural choice of foods and dishes that will maximally support you

on all levels. And when you succeed, you'll find that you no longer want to choose foods that don't do you

good and you'd rather fast, for example, than literally "slap" yourself unnecessarily. Being and feeling

hungry is actually healthy. And if you supplement it with an increased drinking regime in the form of pure

water, miracles will begin to happen to your body!

As soon as I finished the workshop, another wonderful synchronicity happened. In the evening we had a


I wanted to draw someone whose life could be changed by winning

At the end of the celebration, we drew the winners of the competition that took place that evening. There

was a competition for a large package of products from Vitalvibe. Before we drew the winner, I stated my

intention. I wanted to draw someone for whom the package could change their life and help the most.

On the winning ticket there was a woman who, as soon as I drew her, shared in front of everyone that she had read my new e-book May cause miracles that morning about synchronicities and miracles and that she had tried to wish for a win based on it. This was a wonderful confirmation for me of this next journey of mine. And not only for me, but also for this woman!

It was a beautiful demonstration of how it worked for her and how she simply made it possible thanks to

her attunement. At the same time, this in itself was a confirmation that each of us has a miraculous

essence within us and can start using it. Perhaps more than the products in the package, it was this

synchronicity that would change her life. Maybe because of that she started to believe in miracles a little

more that evening...

I wish that as many of you as possible will begin to believe and live this miraculous potential. May

something nice and magical happen to you today or tomorrow!

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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