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Magical date with magical synchronicity

This article is about a wonderful synchronicity and divine timing that happened to me on this special day -

2/22/2022. It was a confirmation of my journey with miracles and how everything is connected. How the

universe can surprise.

On this day I launched my new e-book May cause miracles

I love days like this. Days that are numerologically and astrologically interesting and very powerful. It is

good to ask for a sign on these days. By giving these dates worldwide attention, and thus a lot of energy, it

helps us to be even more open to messages, synchronicities, signs and miracles. Miracles and

synchronicities simply belong to these days.

On February 22, 2022, I ritually sent out my new e-book with great humility, joy and enthusiasm to everyone who signed up for it in advance and waited for me to finish it.

I would like it to enable everyone who reads it to open their faith even more that everything is possible and that life can support us to the maximum at every step we take. I truly believe that we are constantly supported on our journey and we can always be supported even more! It depends on how much support we allow ourselves.

Now you can download the May cause miracles e-book without waiting. Immediately after filling out the

form a little further down on the main page of this site - as a gift for being! For wanting to move forward

in your life and for deciding to believe in miracles again at least a little.

But back to the story...

I experienced what I would call miraculous synchronicity and confirmation of my journey with miracles

That day I took time for myself and did a ritual with meditation and dance. I created a beautiful altar and I

put my new crystals into the center of it, as I also bought them for this date. I knew they were supposed to

be part of my ritual. I ended the ritual with a meditation that you can listen to as inspiration.

A few minutes after the beginning of my meditation, exactly at the wording of this text: "That every cell,

every atom and every electron of my four body systems. All my subtle bodies, every particle of life of

who I am in all dimensions and states of consciousness, be totally filled with wonders and miracle

energies of the violet flame of freedom's love" and exactly as the word MIRACLE was pronounced, a

message rang on my mobile phone. It snapped me out of meditation. It felt like a beautiful little

synchronicity. It was during this word that my phone rang.

After the meditation, I checked who wrote to me. It was Peter from REON Crystals, from whom I buy

crystals and from whom these three new ones were also bought. I got the crystals about a week ago, and

when Peter brought them to my home in hand-painted bags (he brought them on the full moon, which he

didn't even realize), I asked him to tell me the message that is connected to these specific crystals. He said

he will let me know what the message is like once it appears to him.

The message from him came to me at the exact moment when I started meditating and at the exact second of hearing the word „miracle“

So he sent it to me in perfect divine timing, and the message was as follows: "The crystalline field

connects you with light, heals you to purity, may stepping into the planes of the ancients in the robe of

light be prepared, then the level of God will be fully opened to you woman of light, you will return to us."


Peter also wrote to me: "I was just sitting there and out of nowhere it sounded in my head: The crystalline

field connects you with light... Well, I already knew that I had to send you a message. It was done in 30

seconds. I love how the universe plays itself out to the exact second. The mind just boggles at that. And

that's the point here. I wish you a wonderful and blessed portal day."

To me, these are signs and confirmations of how perfectly everything is connected

How surprising the universe can be. I believe that thanks to these lovely synchronicities, we can gradually

believe more and more in what we can never grasp with our minds. In what transcends us and what offers

us the reality we choose.

We always have a choice and we can always change direction. We all have enough strength in us at least

to take one small step towards where our heart calls us. Where we know that we will be fine or even


What steps did you take on your journey today? Towards where you will feel good, where you will be

fulfilled, nourished, happy, or vice versa? And what could your one small step look like? What comes to


♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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