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E-book: May Cause Miracles

A 60-page e-book that will open the way for you to live in even greater joy, ease and wonder.

This e-book was born out of huge passion and desire to inspire you to live the life you dream of or maybe you haven't even allowed yourself to dream of yet.

You will find there many keys, stories, a lot of inspiration, techniques and mindsets that will help you see situations differently and, thanks to this, experience your life with greater ease, joy and perhaps even wonder.

One of the things this e-book will show you is that anything is possible! And moreover, "everything" can happen magically and miraculously!

If you are attracted to this e-book, there is something in it for you that will open you up to start living an absolutely wonderful, fulfilling, loving and miraculous life if you allow yourself to. It is written with this intention and with this energy and vibration it will intuitively attract those whom it can help on their path to a beautiful life and all that they dream of.

I wish that thanks to this e-book, miracles and synchronicities will become a self-evident element of understanding and experiencing your world and reality.

I am already looking forward to the magic that will be shown to you!

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E-book: Chocolate
and ritual cocoa

Nowhere else has nature packed so many nutrients into such a small space as in the case of cacao beans. Thanks to this e-book, you will be clear about how to choose chocolate, how to make it and how to
include chocolate in all its forms in your everyday life. For example, in the form of ritual cacao, homemade chocolate or crunchy smoothies.


This e-book was born out of huge love, passion and enthusiasm for chocolate in all its forms. I hope it motivates you to try new recipes and brings you the big and important WHY - that will then make chocolate taste even better and become your next healthy habit.

You will find there several chapters about chocolate and cacao, about their quality and possibilities of use, as well as a lot of inspiration and my favorite recipe for ritual cacao that I prepare during small as well as
big rituals.

For me, chocolate in its natural form is one of nature's greatest gifts, which I discovered and included in my daily life along my long-term plant-based diet journey.

In this e-book, I will inspire you to add this powerful holistic medicine, which is chocolate in its healthiest and most nutritious form, to your life. Because it will bring you a huge amount of nutrients, energy, bliss, good mood and connection with your heart and yourself!

So, if you're in the mood for something extraordinary and, on the other hand, easy, quick and incredibly healthy, come and try one of the chocolate recipes from this e-book and create a magical experience from eating chocolate!

E-book will come to your e-mail as a gift. If you want to get it, enter your email below this text.

Only in Czech. It will be available in English soon.

A 60-page e-book about chocolate and cocoa, in which I will teach you how to make cocoa elixirs and your own chocolate in the most nutritious form

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