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About me

I wish that my sharing and stories will change your perspective on what is possible to experience. To help you admit that absolutely anything is possible! And to help what you desire with all your heart start
happening in your life.
Every day. Throughout the year. Throughout your whole life.


I am a lover of synchronicities and miraculous solutions, visionary, mentor, raw food specialist, the author of my own edition of Omniblend professional blenders, mother of two beautiful children, loving partner, creative soul and co-founder of several projects and companies dealing with vitalizing foods (Vitalvibe), longevity (Vitavibe Longevity) and a plant-based diet (Love of Raw).

My passion is to inspire and motivate others to adopt healthy habits that can transform body, health, mind and overall energy in life.

I have filmed hundreds of my own video recipes from whole and natural foods and written a lot of
inspiration in books, articles and online courses. I also enjoy creating unusual events at our store
Vitalvibe. My love is design, photography, dance and chocolate in all possible forms.

Together with my husband Honza, we love raw and vegan food and have created several projects dealing with everything that supports a healthy and conscious lifestyle. This way of being fulfills us and gives us enormous meaning and purpose.

We have two beautiful and above all healthy children, whom we lead to a conscious life and love for nature, people and this planet. We support their gifts and talents and teach them that there is always a solution to everything, that everything in life is possible and that miracles do happen.

We inspire others with our lives. We are happy to spread everything that works perfectly for us and that we discover on our way to radiant health and a harmonious life.


Chocolate Mission

 Cacao beans are a miracle of nature. And because I love miracles, I also teach others how to work with chocolate and even how to make their own. And not only their own chocolate, but also breathtaking ritual
cacao and cacao elixirs!

I am a lover of chocolate, cacao rituals and cacao ceremonies. And so for many years I have been teaching others to work with chocolate in all its forms. You can find lots of inspiration and video recipes on my website Love of Raw. But even here I will share this topic with you.

I love chocolate so much that I have decided to make it professionally and, above all, in a ritual way.

Thanks to this magical method of creation, this chocolate is very special and the only one of this type in the Czech republic. The way it is being created – once in a while and always on a full moon or a new moon day, is already magical and fairytale-like.

And most importantly. It's not just about selling chocolate, but mainly about inspiring you to start making chocolate yourself after having tasted it. It's one of the ways that I have decided to teach others how to make their own chocolate.

It all started with this idea...

I have a perfectly fine-tuned chocolate recipe. This recipe is very simple, so really anyone can make it. And in addition, everyone can make their own version of such chocolate - add ingredients to it according to their imagination.

We have decided to start making chocolate - from the highest quality ingredients from our store Vitalvibe. We have written the exact recipe on the package to motivate others to make chocolate at home. Because when you taste it, you will want to try making it yourself. And you can add ingredients you love to it. And so you can make the chocolate of your dreams with original flavors and combinations that no one else makes!

Mission accomplished and continues to be accomplished

Last year we made 330 kg of ritual chocolate! And on top of that, many chocolate making packages were sold, which we also prepared to make the whole creation even easier for you.

I am happy that one of my passions, which I decided to send out into the world, came true like this and is still coming true. I feel a lot of gratitude and this gratitude smells like chocolate.

You can find detailed information about the creation of my ritual chocolate along with a video recipe and the exact directions on my website Love of raw.

Here and Now

It's never too late to change anything in your life. And if you really want to change something, the right time is now. I wish for you to decide to step out of limiting beliefs, allow yourself to experience life in easiness, joy, in
alignment with your heart and to open yourself to the possibilities of solutions that can be more than magical.I wish that you enjoy the process of transformation and growth, for it is incredibly beautiful to watch the
help of the entire universe coming together to bring you what you ask for.


The time has come to start sharing also this passion of mine with you – living in joy, easiness, staying on top of things and appreciating the joyful little things and great miracles of life.

For a long time, I had a growing desire to grasp this topic in addition to plant-based food. To inspire you on your individual path and to pass on to you some tips that work perfectly for me. Because they can work for you too.

One of my great joys in life is seeing how I was able to inspire someone enough to transform their life in ways they could never have imagined.

This project is being created without plans and expectations. It just happens. For joy. From the heart. From love. For myself and for those who feel that they want to move a little further in life.

I allow myself to enter into the creation process of this space.

For me.
For you.
For all.
For the entire universe and beyond.
For the endless infinity around us.
For joy.
For here and now.
For the transformation of this planet.

With love, joy in the heart and absolute faith in the miraculousness of life, the universe and all of

Zuzka Noah

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