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The story of our Bali wedding - how our wedding ritual was synchronistically put together

We had a clear intention – a wedding ritual in Bali. Apart from the dress and the rings, we didn't prepare

anything. We decided to let ourselves be surprised by how the whole ritual would be put together and I

have to say that I would never have thought of it that way! It was beautiful! I will share the whole story of

our ritual with you in this article.

This is what the space where we had the ritual looked like. The space was located in a wonderful resort in

Bali called Akasha resort - New Earth Heaven.

On the day Honza and I planned the ritual of consciously conceiving another baby, Honza proposed to me

And so, a few months after this wonderful moment (see my article on conscious conception), we went to

Bali for a wedding ritual. I was already 5 months pregnant, because I got pregnant on the very day the

baby was invited into the family.

The purpose of our trip to Bali was clear - a wedding ritual, but we haven't dealt with the rest yet

We decided to let ourselves be surprised by how the whole wedding ritual would be put together. The only

thing I arranged in advance was the wedding dress. I had them sewn by Honza's sister. We also took our

handmade wooden rings with us. And that was the whole preparation for our wedding.

We had our wedding planned for the middle of our stay but had to postpone it until the end of it knowing

and believing in divine timing - as my body was healing from the illness during the first 3 weeks. I lost

my sense of smell, taste and even voice. Such illness came after many years and was clearly related to the

topic of fear of home birth, which I opened up in therapy before the flight. (After Bali, my inner attitude

changed, the fear disappeared and I wanted to give birth at home from the bottom of my heart - see my

And so we have been gradually figuring out how we could approach our wedding ritual. We decided to

guide it ourselves and also to let the universe organize it. Although there are many different priests and

options in Bali, we didn't feel like connect to a stranger at such important time in our lives. We answered

various questions that we had and that needed to be resolved and the ritual began to gradually, beautifully

and synchronistically come together.

We discovered a place that resonated with us, and our entire wedding ritual gradually began to unfold

Gradually, we were looking for a place for our ritual. Finally we discovered one that was wonderful and

special in many ways. The name itself of the entire Akasha resort and the New Earth Heaven location

suggested that it would be something that was aligned with us. Part of this resort was a beautiful and I

would say magical restaurant that offered so-called "living vibrant food" - live dishes in vegan and raw

quality. There were also several bungalows built according to sacred geometry that could be rented, as

well as a wonderful space for organizing various conscious events, seminars and workshops. We were

absolutely charmed by this place!

So we called the reception and found out that they were free on 12.2., which we really liked. So we

confirmed the date and booked a bungalow called the Crystal Dome. We thought this place would be

perfect for both our ritual and our ceremony.

When we saw this man, we knew he was meant to be part of our ritual

And then another beautiful synchronicity occurred. On my birthday we happened to meet a man from

Hawaii who had just returned to Bali after a long time away. When I was pregnant with Neo and we were

also here in Bali, this man did private sound healing for us. It was also my birthday that time. As soon as

we saw him, I knew that he too should be part of our ritual. And so not only the entire ritual, but also the

day began to take shape.

We agreed with him that after our personal wedding ritual we would invite him to our bungalow and he

would organize a private sound healing for us and little Neo, through which we would transfer our

intention of an even deeper connection into music and vibration. He enthusiastically agreed. Playing on

such an occasion was new for him and he felt very touched that we offered that to him.

We were thinking about what else we would like to experience on that day and a cacao ceremony came to our mind

During our stay, we visited the pyramids in Bali, which are built for sound healing, cacao ceremonies,

meditation and yoga, and we found a flyer with an invitation to a cacao ceremony in one of the pyramids.

The woman who was photographed in the picture immediately caught my attention. Again, I knew clearly

that she was the one to hold a private cacao ceremony for us as part of the wedding ritual in our Crystal

Dome. We got her contact and called her. Even for her, the cacao ceremony for the wedding occasion was

a completely new experience. She enthusiastically agreed.

Another thing we wanted to experience on that day of ours was a dinner together with friends

We were in Bali with our very close friend and her boyfriend, and around the date of our wedding, another

friend flew in with her husband. And so we invited both couples.

"But where will the dinner take place?" we wondered. It could have taken place directly in the Akasha

restaurant, which was part of the resort and was vegan with a focus on living food, but this time we

wanted it differently. More sacred and special. So on the day of our wedding, we asked our friends to buy

food from our most favourite raw and vegan restaurants, and we decided to organize a special tasting

dinner in the area of our dome. We planned to sit on the floor in a circle in front of the bed pictured in our

wedding space. And then there was meant to be a cacao ceremony. But the universe once again came up

with much more miraculous and wonderful solution, which we only learned on the day of our wedding.

We arrived at Akasha resort on the day of our wedding ritual. A surprise awaited us right at the reception.

The receptionist told us that since we had rented one of their bungalows, we also had the entire so-called

Akasha Palace at our disposal. Which was a two-story house built by the owners of that whole complex

and guests could use it to sit and relax. That was a really big surprise that I would have never thought of!

The house was built in the middle of a lake, around which there were small gardens with exotic flowers. It

was very open and had parts that were connected to nature, without windows and doors. Inside, there were

stone-lined rooms with various design elements. There also was a huge space with a seat built into the

stone, and the funniest thing was that in the middle of this phenomenal room a beautiful hand-carved

wooden table in the shape of a 6 edge was placed. So there was an absolutely magical opportunity to

organize a gala dinner right in this place. This whole house and its premises looked like something from

an oriental fairy tale!

How our entire wedding ritual was conducted

After we arrived at the place, we prepared our room area. We first cleaned it with Palo Santo and other

incense and created a wedding altar. We laid out four large circles of flowers on the ground. Two that

symbolized our old lives and two that represented the new. The two were interconnected.

We conducted the entire ritual ourselves. First we stood in the circle of the past with the intention to say

whatever we still needed to say from the past. When this was done, we entered into new interconnected

circles, where we shared with each other all that we felt and held in our hearts. The whole thing lasted

almost an hour and was beautiful, moving, deep and connecting. After sharing, we exchanged rings that

we made for each other at the carving class as a surprise for the other.

After finishing the ritual, we invited our friend from Hawaii, who organized sound healing for us with

various harmonizing and high-vibration instruments. After that, we had dinner with friends in the Akasha

Palace premises, and during the dinner space for a cacao ceremony was being prepared in our Crystal

dome, so this also turned out perfectly!

While we dined together with friends, our ritual space grew with additional decoration - two giant linked

hearts made of flowers, which completed the ornament created for our personal ritual. The woman who

conducted our ceremony also purified the space with various scented essences. The way the cacao

ceremony was prepared and how the entire space was transformed was a wonderful surprise for us.

So once we finished dinner, we entered that space together and spent the next 3 hours drinking cacao and

chanting mantras. It was a wonderful end to the day and the whole ritual.

We didn't have any photographer arranged for our wedding day and the photos you see here were taken

the next morning at sunrise.

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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