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Once upon a time there was a miracle - about wedding barefoot shoes, our second ritual weddingand a new surname

My dad already in my childhood gave me a miraculous mindset program that everything is possible and

that you just have to humbly wish. And maybe that's what made this story happen...

We thanked our parents and ancestors with the second ritual wedding

After our ritual wedding in Bali took place, Honza and I knew that we wanted to complete this ritual with

validity for our authorities and traditions here in the Czech Republic.

We decided to do a second ceremony at one of our favorite places. On Palava in a stone menhir circle.

That is, in a very strong energetical place, which has a special meaning for us and has been connected

with us since the beginning of our relationship. This place is also the place of our second date and then

dozens of other meetings...

This time, too, we designed the ceremony so that it was mainly for us and about us. And so we invited

only our parents and two witnesses to it. The ritual served to honor our families and all our ancestors, to

express our gratitude for the lives our parents gave us and to thank them face to face for everything we

experienced with them.

Thanks dad, you've always been a magician!

During the ritual, I also thanked my dad for the miraculous mindset program he gave me. When I was

little, he always talked about it and most importantly he lived in this way. He always told me that nothing

is impossible, that all you have to do is focus your thoughts, wish and things will start happening to you.

And my wishes kept coming true throughout my childhood. Synchronicities and miraculous solutions

accompanied me constantly until they became a regular part of my experience of this world.

As part of a ritual of honoring the ancestors, my parents and us formed a circle where we shared, talked,

cried with emotion and washed it all down with ceremonial sacred cacao. It was a wonderful

synchronicity that the entire stone circle and the entire meadow that surrounded the circle was filled with

millions of flies during our ritual, which flew in eddies above us and all around us. It was a great power.

Honza and I had been to this place many times before, but we had never experienced this here. For us, it

was a symbol of the participation of our ancestors. In some photos you can see this phenomenon as small

dots. Maybe just in this photo.

We did not decide what the official part of the wedding would look like. And it turned out beautifully!

After the ritual with parents, two ladies from the office in Mikulov came into the circle - wedding

registrars. We did not decide what the official part of the wedding would look like, the ritual with parents

was the one important to us, and we also felt that the most important wedding ritual took place in Bali

anyway. So we remained open to all possibilities and let ourselves be surprised. And it turned out

surprisingly beautiful!

The wedding registrar didn't know in advance who she was going to marry, and she found out on the spot

that I was very familiar to her. After a while, she connected me with Love of Raw project, which she had

been following for a long time, and even then told me that she was going to come to my course.

The whole speech was tuned spiritually. It even started with a numerological analysis of our wedding

date. After the official wedding, the wedding registrar told us that she wanted to wear her chakra dress,

but she didn't know if it would be too much. When she saw our circle decorated with crystals, macrame,

candles and other ritual objects, she regretted not having taken them. None of these ladies wanted to

leave, which amused and pleased us. And so they stayed with us for a while, tasted cacao, each drew a

card and finally returned back to the office.

For a long time we had felt that we had been living differently from our families, so we started a new lineage

This wedding ritual at Palava was also connected with the change of our surname. We took a completely

new surname - Noah. We have long felt that we live differently from our families and ancestors. And so,

with full respect, humility and gratitude, we decided to transform the continuation of our lineage into a

family with a completely new surname.

When we opened ourselves to the option of changing the last name, we started to make it up. There were

rather funny suggestions than real options for names. One evening, when Honza and I were talking,

Honza suddenly said: "What if the last name was Noah?"

Noah was the name of our son Neo, whom we named Neo Noah Petr immediately after birth. Petr was

Honza's birth name. And suddenly we realized why we felt so strongly that Neo should also be called

Noah and have two names. Neo actually brought this surname to us back then. Once we pronounced it as

a last name, it was decided. We will be called the Noah family!

And so we went through the process of changing one of Neo's names into a surname at the authorities and

changing Honza's surname even before the official wedding, so that I could marry him as Jan Noah and

thus take his surname as well. There is no problem with this at the authorities and you can change your

surname at any time.

How I miraculously came to my dream wedding shoes

I wore a golden satin dress to this Czech wedding. I bought them from my friends, who import dresses

from Bali. And since I only have three pairs of shoes – one pair of summer summer, one of spring and one

of winter barefoots (and then also ski boots) - but none of them went well with this satin dress, I figured

I'd be barefoot and then when we get back from the ceremony in nature, I will take my winter barefoot

shoes, which probably suit the dress the most out of the 3 variants. Although it might look a bit strange, it

was September and it was already cold in the afternoon and evening, so it would somehow work.

My ideal idea of shoes for a wedding was this: barefoot shoes, only with strings to wrap around the ankles

and the feet to mid-calf, preferably in brown or golden. Since I had been looking for such shoes for many

years, I knew that there was no point in looking for them through the e-shop and I did not have time to

have them made. And if they were golden, I probably wouldn't even wear them later. I had an idea of the

ideal shoes, a wish as well, and then I just let go of the wish, saying that it would be the best anyway to be

barefoot. And if it's supposed to be different, I'll let myself be surprised.

My dad already in my childhood gave me a miraculous mindset program that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and that all you have to do is WISH with humility. And maybe that's what made this story happen...

The evening before the wedding, we went to hand over some things to decorate the wedding venue to my

witness, who the next day drove a car full of these decorations to the stone circle. Even before the

handover, we stopped for a moment to see my friend Zdenka, who lives in the same house as the witness.

Zdenka asked me what kind of dress I would wear, and I told her that it would be golden satin and that I

would wear boots, because I simply don't have shoes. That I would like some golden strings, but I haven't

seen them anywhere yet.

Zdenka tells me: "Zuzi, I have self-made barefoot shoes, which are laced, golden-brown, and can be tied

up to mid-calf."

I looked at her in surprise and was speechless. After a while, I told her about my ideal idea of wedding

shoes, which completely matched the shoes she brought to show me. We started laughing because I did

not expect such synchronicity and a gift from the universe for our wedding day. As a bonus, the shoes had

a hand drawn golden Ganesha symbol and gold embellishments. And, of course, the size of the foot also

fitted, because Zdenka and I have exactly the same size.

I believe that this story will open up your faith in the miraculousness of life a little more.

Believe in miracles and they can start happening. A miracle always happens unexpectedly, without effort,

and is perfectly timed!

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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