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How I started selling thousands of blenders with my miracle essence edition

This is the story of how my Love of Raw plant-based food project came into being from immense

enthusiasm and passion and how I ventured into selling blenders. It was a journey filled with excitement,

joy and obstacles, but I felt it was the path of my heart. If it's meant to be, it will simply turn out well and

work. It seemed like the entire universe conspired for it to happen! Because there was an abundance of

support and unexpected solutions...

The Love of Raw project was born from my deep passion for plant-based food

At the beginning of the Love of Raw project, there was an immense enthusiasm and passion for the topic

of plant-based and living foods. This subject had actually been with me since childhood. When I

discovered this way of eating, it resonated so closely with me that it became more or less a family

standard. I went through a period of consuming only 100% raw food, but eventually returned to a vegan

diet with a significant portion of living foods, which benefited both me and my family. This gradually led

to the creation of over 300 of my own video recipes, online courses, books, various events and even my

own edition of blenders, something that never crossed my mind at the beginning of my journey. And all of

this came into existence quite miraculously. How? I'll tell you in a few lines below...

I was just looking for someone to film my recipes. But he helped me so much more!

Gradually, as I started offering more raw food courses, the idea of filming video recipes emerged.

I had the desire to have my own project solely focused on plant-based food. And suddenly, Matouš Vinš

crossed my path and helped turn my vision into reality. We've been collaborating ever since.

I met Matouš at a corporate event aimed at networking. The event took place on a boat sailing on the Brno reservoir. At that time, I didn't really feel like socializing with anyone, so I was mostly gazing into the

water and only conversed with one man throughout the event. As the event was winding down, Matouš

approached my friend and me, handing us his business cards. His contact information was on the card and

on the other side, it read: "You look great today!" Matouš told us that he hadn't spoken to anyone else on

the boat the entire time and that we were the only ones who caught his attention. He mentioned that if we

ever needed a photographer, we could get in touch with him. I tucked his business card into my diary.

In a few weeks, I decided to try filming my first video recipe. On the day when I asked some friends if

they knew anyone who could help me film recipes, my diary fell to the ground. Since I had numerous

cards, notes and papers inserted in it, this part of the diary came loose due to the weight and along with all

the other papers, Matouš's business card fell to the ground. I found it amusing, so I decided to reach out to


Matouš and I agreed to film the first few video recipes together. He even offered to create a basic website

for me and suggested that we collaborate on creating a simple e-book with snack tips and a Facebook

page. Thanks to him, I started sharing my passion publicly.

Initially, it was just a few of my own recipes and a few small courses. Gradually, we continued creating and suddenly, hundreds of video recipes, online courses, several books and even an online store with blenders were emerging. It all happened so "naturally", as if on its own.

I began selling blenders, but collaboration with the supplier wasn't working

Initially, it didn't even occur to me that I could sell blenders. But I was so satisfied with one particular

blender, the Omniblend, that people kept asking me about it, so I decided to start selling it. At first, I

partnered with a Czech supplier. However, collaboration with them was far from smooth.

At one point, for example, we had 100 pre-orders and the supplier either didn't want to or couldn't deliver

the blenders to me. Meanwhile, they were selling them on their own website. Nevertheless, the people

who had pre-ordered blenders from me were waiting for me to stock them and they wanted to buy them

from me. Some waited for as long as 9 months! They kept asking when the blenders would finally be in

stock. However, the supplier kept pushing the delivery date every week for several months, assuring me

that the new date was 100% certain. It wasn't.

So, I decided to approach the blender manufacturer directly, but they weren't responding. Eventually, a completely different, miraculous solution emerged - and not just one!

The journey of collaboration with the Czech supplier wasn't pleasant, but it led to unexpected resolutions.

Throughout those 9 months of shifting deadlines, promises, stories, inquiries from waiting customers, I

started considering a different approach. I decided to contact the blender manufacturer directly. However,

nobody was responding from their side. I couldn't get a response through any communication channel.

And suddenly, a miraculous solution emerged thanks to our family company, where I had worked for

many years. I got in touch with a company that imports various spare parts and components from abroad.

I thought of reaching out to them and asking if they could contact the blender manufacturer. They said

they would give it a try.

After they obtained the manufacturer's contact details, another miracle happened. Their agent happened to live just a few minutes away from the blender manufacturer's company - he could easily walk there. Once again, a significant synchronicity, considering how large Taiwan is! This was a tremendous help - perhaps from the entire universe.

We reached an agreement with the blender manufacturer and it turned out to be much more financially

viable for us than working through the Czech supplier. Additionally, over the years of collaboration (even

through the Czech supplier) and with the hundreds of devices sold, we were able to create our own edition

of Omniblend blenders - with our own logo and affirmation. This is something I couldn't have imagined at

the beginning of the Love of Raw project!

I could have been discouraged by the fact that there are indeed many blenders on the market

I could have thought, who would buy a blender from me when there are dozens of options on the market? I could have believed that professional blenders might not attract as many people due to their higher price. I could have believed it would be difficult for any number of reasons.

But I perceived that my path was supported. And if it's meant to be, it will simply turn out well and work. And if it doesn't turn out, something even better, more interesting and more miraculous will happen. I always tell myself this and I feel that thanks to this mindset, I don't get stuck on the solutions. I know it will always unfold perfectly and in the best way it can.

So far, we have sold thousands of blenders and changed many lives

With those thousands of blenders sold come hundreds of wonderful stories about improved health habits

and often, even transformation of entire lives. I know, it's just a blender... But one small step, one change

from unhealthy habits, can transform an entire life! It's never too late to change anything. Anything! And

that's why you'll find an affirmation on my Omniblend blender:

"It's never too late to change your life."

Tip: You can find the offer of this blender in several colors along with all the bonuses from me, including

the complete online course on raw food and the printed book of Perfect Mixing on my website.

I have been communicating the theme of miracles through blenders from the very beginning

When I started writing this article, I came across a text that I had written about blenders some time ago.

This text (see below) was featured on my e-shop back then. I was surprised by how much the theme of

miracles was resonating even back then! It had been resonating throughout my life, but I had completely

forgotten that I was communicating it so much also through blenders.

"I feel that a plant-based diet is one of my great missions, my HIGHEST JOY, what fulfills me. I am

creating this whole project out of love and with the intention to help you on your journey towards a more

natural and nutritionally rich diet, and subsequently, towards joy in yourselves, joy in the little things and

in your entire life. Because if you start to shine, you will also brighten your surroundings.

I wish for the blender to remind you that MIRACLES are possible, that MIRACLES simply ARE, and

they can happen to you here and now. Invite them into your life, expect them every day and see what will

happen. Believe me, you will start to feel like you're in a fairy tale. My advice: FOCUS YOUR

ATTENTION on loving MIRACLES and allow them to enter your body. Every morning upon waking,

you can say that you allow JOYFUL MIRACLES and express gratitude."

These blenders are simply blenders with a soul for me, with a big heart and tremendous joy.

What makes the Omniblend blenders from my edition so special?

  • The blenders are packaged in a special box with positive affirmations that harmonize the blender.

  • The blenders are stored together with a giant crystal.

  • When I started selling blenders, I launched their sale with this intention: "From the bottom of my heart, I wish for the blender to remind you, symbolize and embody for you, and above all materialize everything you desire. So that you know that IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE! Your body, mind, health, partner, country, hobbies and food."

  • On the front of the blender, there is the Love of Raw logo, which is itself a cosmogram (radiant symbol) supporting natural diet, the journey towards a more natural and healthier way of eating, helping to maintain the habit of eating more consciously, clean and nutritiously. It was drawn directly for this project.

  • On the front of the blender, there is also a special affirmation: "IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE" and take a step where you feel joyful, happy, loving, amazing, healing and magical. What your soul and heart desire the most.


Tip: How to start living the path of your heart

I want to support you on the journey of your heart with this story. When you embark on this path, a

reward awaits you that is many times greater than you can imagine! It's not just something you make up.

Often, you can't even imagine such support and reward.

If you feel a passion emanating from your heart, try to listen to it. Believe that truly anything is possible

and a path will always reveal itself. And if the exact path you come up with and dream of doesn't appear,

an even more beautiful, joyful and much better solution is prepared for you, one that you haven't yet seen.

It's there! Always.

Don't try to come up with solutions with your mind, but try to open up to it - thereby enabling it as well.

Let life surprise you, the universe or whatever you call it. Just take one small step. Keep your mind open

and believe that something small, miraculous and unpredictable could happen to you - perhaps related to

your life's purpose, health, family or relationship. And you will see how much support, magic,

synchronicity and miracles can come your way!


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