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Interview for the Mindset Upgrade podcast about our miraculous life stories

Our first podcast, which my husband Honza and I recorded. The interview was conducted by Víťa and

Lucka for their Mindset Upgrade podcast. After the interview concluded, we realized that our whole

conversation was very personal. So, if you're interested in learning more about us and the miracles in our

lives, definitely give it a listen.

When you're meant to meet someone, life's miracles always come up with it

Thank you for the loving space created for us by Vít Libovický and Lucie Jeschková. And, actually, I'm

most grateful for us having met. Because when you're meant to meet someone, life's miracles always find

a way. And in the case of our encounter, life arranged it magically, chocolaty and ceremoniously.

We met at a wedding amidst cacao, pralines and liquid chocolate - at a chocolate wedding bar that I

created for Matouš Vins and his wife Zuzka. At this wedding, we discussed many things for the future.

Even the idea of us helping with the organization of their wedding. Such things rarely happen at a first


So, if you want to experience a conversation with open hearts, you'll find, hear and feel exactly that in the

podcast. I believe you'll be touched by the atmosphere and energy we've created through this deeply

personal conversation.

What topics did we cover in the interview with Víťa and Lucka?

  • Our miraculous life stories

  • Transformative experiences after spending 2 weeks in the desert

  • Practical tips on manifesting what we want in life

  • Plenty of inspiration on living joyfully

  • How Honza and I met

  • The synchronicities that accompanied our meeting

  • How we later ceremoniously got married in Bali and started a new family, Noah

You can also listen to the entire interview on Víťa's website.

Do you feel like miracles don't happen in your life?

For those of you who feel like these life miracles don't happen to you, remember how you met your

partner. In those cases, synchronicities often happen one after another. Meeting a partner is almost always

a miraculous event.

If it has happened to you once in life, why couldn't it happen in other areas of life as well? Maybe even in all aspects? Maybe every day? Maybe not just once a day, but several times? Can you imagine that? Because it's possible! I know it.

Tip: The Mindset Upgrade podcast, which could be the beginning of transforming your life

Vítek and his girlfriend Luci talk to people in the Mindset Upgrade podcast about personal development,

walking their own path and thinking differently than what's "common". They discuss self-improvement,

spirituality, business, health, habits, finances, philosophical ideas and anything else that comes their way.

You'll find many intriguing episodes that will inspire and motivate you to do something different in your

life. Perhaps one small step that could be the beginning of a significant transformation in your life!

I recommend subscribing to Vítek's newsletter as well, where you'll receive excellent inspiration for

mindset and life upgrades every week.

Sometimes, words aren't necessary. Because words can't describe the harmony of souls that exists between heaven and earth.

I love it, recommend it and share it onward.

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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