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Interview about chocolate, miracles and synchronicities in my life

The first live broadcast on the topic of chocolate and miracles I recorded as a guest with Lucie Alferi. It

was for her wonderful project, the School of Channeling. Lucie reached out to me after I discovered the

Factory of Miracles and decided to start sharing the theme of miracles and synchronicities publicly.

How quickly something you say YES to can manifest

The offer to record the interview came the day after I decided to start sharing the theme of miracles

publicly. Which, in itself, was a very rapid manifestation of something to which I said yes. Actually, it

wasn't even a full day. I made the decision on the evening of November 21, 2021 and on the morning of

November 22, 2021 I found a message from Lucie on my phone.

The event where I christened the cards turned out to be a christening for me and my theme

My decision to share the theme of miracles and synchronicities came the evening after an event where I

christened the cards For Life. The event itself was a christening for me and this theme at the same time.

That very evening, the first clear message came, which I write about in the article Factory of Miracles.

I wrote a post about this message on Instagram stories that same evening, which Lucie saw and reacted to

with an offer for an interview. And so, we arranged it.

This interview was recorded exclusively for the members of Lucie Alferi's channeling club. But after

recording it, we both felt that it would be great to share it with a broader audience.

I prepared with dance and meditation

The day came when Lucie and I had scheduled the live broadcast. The broadcast was planned for the

evening, so there was plenty of time to get in the right mindset and prepare. Instead of preparing on a

mental level, I decided to prepare with meditation and dance. During dance, I feel a deep connection with

myself and get a lot of inspiration. So, I meditated for a while and then danced. And suddenly...

Something told me to go to the phone

Something inside me said, "Go to the phone and check. There will be a message." So, I opened my phone

and intuitively clicked on Instagram.

And suddenly...

Instagram froze. "I've never experienced this before." The page was all blurry and it was so interesting that in that moment, I thought to myself I might even take a photo of it. It seemed to me that as soon as Instagram started working again, the first post that appeared would carry a message for me.

After a few minutes, Instagram started working again. The post was an absolutely clear message and a beautiful synchronicity for me at the same time.

Firstly, it was a post from an account called Lawofattractionworld. Those of you who have read my article

about the Law of Attraction and its connection with me probably have an idea...

The affirmation that loaded after the app unfroze:

"A MIRACLE... is on its way big enough to change your entire life for the better."

And so, I just smiled and thanked for this wonderful message and confirmation that this journey is

supported by the entire universe.

What topics did we discuss in the interview with Lucie?

  • What the strength of women means to me and how I express it in life

  • What I engage in, what I create and what my future visions are

  • The most important information you definitely need to know about chocolate

  • What chocolate alkalization is and why it might not be listed on the packaging

  • How to choose chocolate that is a "divine food"

  • Why chocolate is better than coffee in terms of energy delivery (even during childbirth and for


  • Why high-quality foods are important and the negatives of the current health food industry

  • My key to a life full of miracles

  • Tips on how to bring miracles into your own life

  • What I would say to my future self

  • How I see the world in 2-5 years

You can also listen to the entire interview on the website of the School of Channeling.


Tip: About the School of Channeling Project

The School of Channeling project was created with the aim of spreading awareness about channeling, the

possibilities of the mind and following the guidance of the heart. Many inspirations for conscious work

with the mind can be found in the texts on the blog, in social media posts and especially in the channeling

online club. Through the club, you can learn to understand your emotions, calm your mind in any

situation and truly get to know your body.

I love it, recommend it and share it further.

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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