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Follow your feelings and you'll become the master of your life

I recently discovered the Law of Attraction by Esther Hicks. Even though this is one of the most well-

known self-development books in this field, I had never read it until now. After reading it, I realized that

what I am experiencing is perfectly described in it. Thanks to this book, I found other books, videos and

their website.

A book I didn't even know I had attracted

It was the year 2020. December had arrived and I decided to make more time for tranquility, silence,

meditation and perhaps even a book. I felt the need for time for myself and, most importantly, with

myself. I sensed how such time nourished me and how wonderful it felt. So, I began to allow myself that


My bookshelf is quite extensive and it contains many self-development books. I was drawn to a book that

had been on my shelf for a long time. So long that I didn't even know I had it. The Law of Attraction drew

me in. I started reading it and even just Esther Hicks' story fascinated me. I didn't know how big and magical the story behind this book was and what knowledge it would open up.

It felt as if I was reading a manual for my life

I found many manifestation techniques in it, many of which I had intuitively used since childhood. So, if

you're looking for inspiration on a method that works perfectly for me, I recommend this book and other

videos by Esther Hicks. You can find them on YouTube, some even with Czech subtitles.

One of the main messages of this book is to learn to maintain a good feeling about what is happening in

your life, about yourself, as this transforms reality.

Good feelings are followed by good thoughts and good thoughts then shape reality and what happens. You gradually start to understand why things happen in your life, what happens and how it relates to your thoughts and feelings within you.

Abraham is the energy from which the Law of Attraction and other books by Esther Hicks originate.

A logical question with no simple answer. Abraham is an infinite intelligence that knows the answer to

every question. Did this answer satisfy you? Probably not, because along with it, many more questions

immediately arose within you. But these questions will surely be answered by Abraham themselves. Over

their time of existence, they have gained many designations and names. People call them things like Great

Teachers, Amazing Masters of the Universe and more.

Abraham describe themselves as a "Group Consciousness from the Non-Physical dimension", serving as spiritual teachers and advisors to humans.

Abraham communicates through Esther Hicks

Esther has a unique ability to connect with them. After connecting with the energy of Abraham, Esther

translates the thoughts Abraham convey to her. Since 1986, for over 30 years, Abraham have been

communicating with their surroundings. Over this time, they have garnered a large following. Esther

Hicks and her husband Jerry gradually compiled the information given by Abraham into books that have

become worldwide bestsellers. Since the couple meticulously recorded all interactions with Abraham from

their first encounter with their energy, they have created possibly the largest archive of communication

with non-physical intelligence in human history.

Abraham's teachings, referred to as "Abraham-Hicks Teachings", revolve around the Law of Attraction

phenomenon. According to Abraham, this law is the primary universal law, governing everything in the

universe. They delve deeply into the Law of Attraction in their teachings, providing us with detailed and

specific guidance on how to utilize it to our advantage and find answers to both spiritual and material


Esther holds seminars where people can ask Abraham questions

Since the beginning of their interaction, Esther Hicks has been organizing live seminars, primarily in the

USA. In these well-attended seminars, Esther directly connects with Abraham and invites selected

audience members onto the stage. These attendees have the opportunity to ask Abraham any question. No question is inappropriate or taboo. Abraham brilliantly answers the viewers' questions.

Tip: There's a YouTube channel where you can find over 500 subtitled videos from Abraham Hicks workshops with Czech translations. Some of my favorite videos with Czech subtitles are:

And if you're proficient in English, I recommend visiting Esther Hicks' official website directly, where

you can find live broadcasts and a lot of inspiration.

My favorite inspiring quotes and statements from Esther:

  • "You are a perfect, yet continually expanding being, in a perfect, yet continually expanding world, in a perfect, yet continually expanding universe."


Tip: Simple techniques and keys to start feeling good in your life

Begin to notice how you feel during the day. And if you become aware of how you feel, also recognize

that you don't have to remain in that state. You can always feel even better. There are many techniques to

improve your emotional state, which in itself brings relief, knowing that things can get better and better.

And it can happen relatively easily and quickly.

The Appreciation Technique

One technique you can try is the Appreciation Technique. Simply start focusing on gratitude. Look around

at everything you love and be grateful for it - appreciate it. I recommend watching a video focused on this

technique by Esther Hicks. The first time I saw it, I got chills all over my body. In the video, a gentleman

from the audience tries this technique first and then Esther herself, or rather Abraham through her,

demonstrates it.

So, start by becoming aware of how you feel as often as possible. Then build upon that by beginning to

see what you're grateful for around you. Appreciate it, just like in the video. You'll see how differently

you'll start to feel.

Joy Journal Technique

Another technique that might help you is a technique I call the "Joy Journal". It's a journal where you start

writing down things you're looking forward to. I recommend getting a smaller diary or notebook that can

fit in your bag, so you can have it with you anytime to jot down your thoughts. When you're not feeling

good, you can look at it and improve your mood simply by redirecting your attention to what you're

looking forward to.

You'll find plenty of things you're excited about. It can start with small and pleasant things and then move

on to bigger ones.

For example:

  • I'm looking forward to going for a walk today.

  • I'm looking forward to having a delicious meal today.

  • I'm excited to try this technique and see what happens.

  • I'm excited about treating myself with...

  • I'm excited to buy...

  • I'm looking forward to chatting with...

  • I'm excited to meet...

  • I'm looking forward to experiencing...

  • I'm excited to read...

  • I'm looking forward to tasting...

  • I'm excited to fall in love.

Emotional Intelligence - One of the keys to creating the reality you dream of

In this lecture by Marek Dzirasa based on Esther Hicks' teachings, you'll gain one of the miraculous keys

to feeling better in life and manifesting your desired reality. According to Marek Dzirasa, this lecture is

"the best lecture in 25 years". It relates to his discovery after decades of self-development -- emotional

intelligence. It's about being aware of how you feel and how it shapes your reality.

Mark Dzirasa states at the beginning of the lecture:

"Of everything I write in books, of everything I've ever heard, of everything I teach, this is the number one thing, for the practical level of living, that I've found here on the planet. How to learn to perceive the connection and correlation between thoughts and feelings, feelings and thoughts."

What to take from the video:

  • Emotional intelligence is the ability to find the connection between what we think and what we feel.

  • In some areas of life, things go well, but in some, they don't work at all. This is the area where more negative energy is accumulated.

  • The experience we want to attract (having a partner, making money, finding a great job, etc.) is thought up by our brain, but the energy, strength and speed with which we attract it are defined by our emotional state (heart).

  • A thought always arises from contrast. When do you think about being full? When you're hungry. When does the thought of wanting money arise? When you realize you don't have them. The desire for healing is conditioned by the awareness of illness and so on.

  • The thought that you want something will occur to you when you realize it's missing. It cannot occur to you without you realizing that you don't have it.

  • People often think more about what they lack rather than what they actually want, that it's amazing and that they're looking forward to it. For example, "I'm annoyed that I don't have more money" vs. "Money is an amazing thing and I'm looking forward to the next flow that will come into my life!" Or, "Guys are amazing, I want to attract the best to my home" vs. "I've been alone for x years, all the girls have someone, I'm the last one in the office who isn't married." Do you feel the difference between these thoughts? Are you thinking about what you want or about what you lack?

  • Whether we think about what we want or what we lack can be recognized by how we feel. It's simple. When we think about what we want and what we like, we feel good. When we think about what we don't have, we feel bad.

  • It is necessary to learn to perceive how you feel with every thought. How do you feel when you think about your home? Where on the emotional scale is the feeling about your romantic life? And what about your job? How do you feel when you think about colleagues, your boss, the office, the computer, your working hours? Differentiate how you feel in each area of your life.

  • If you've been struggling in a certain area for a long time, take your foot off the gas, reduce the negative drive - pushing against it will lead you into further problems. Don't go against it, don't fight it. Instead, relax and redirect your thoughts to what is going well for you. This is why gratitude lists work so well.

  • Life depends on where you are vibrationally - and you will respond to all other situations accordingly.

  • When you're dealing with a problem - it's a certain vibration that creates it. For instance, if you feel jealousy, it's not about what you do, but how you're tuned. When you're on the level of disappointment, worries, blame and criticism - jealousy forms from these vibrations. Conversely, if you're in the vibration of well-being, contentment and enthusiasm, jealousy doesn't exist.

  • That's why nothing is ever more important than feeling good. It doesn't matter what happens to you in life. If you're relaxed, you'll be creative, intuition and the sixth sense will come and you'll easily solve everything. If you lose your job, nothing will happen, you'll have a new one tomorrow. If your life partner leaves you, shortly 10 times better one will come, and so on for everything. The condition is being able to feel good.

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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