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The origin of the New Place Project, its transformation into the virtual world and miraculous events

New Place has its own yearly story and a fascinating journey full of miracles and synchronicities. It was

intended to come to life in a physical space, but eventually its path continued by transitioning into a

virtual and quantum place – this website, at least for now...

The New Place project was conceived long before this website. It was meant to be a physical space.

I would truly love for this space to come to life in the physical reality. And because I know that everything

is possible, it will happen if it is meant to be. And if it ultimately doesn't happen, I know that something

even more beautiful, important and miraculous is prepared. Nevertheless, by sharing this story with you, I

am strengthening its manifestation.

During a ceremony, we expressed our desire to create a place in nature with a strong mission

It was the autumn of 2019 and we held a cacao ceremony in our home, led by our friend from Mexico. On

this occasion, Honza and I shared our idea and desire with all the participants of the ceremony. We

expressed our intention to build a place that would carry a powerful mission and serve others - a place in

nature, not far from Brno, with a view of hills and forests. A place for dancing, drinking cacao, eating

plant-based food and hosting beautiful conscious events, workshops and seminars.

Then I realized that we had already created this place

A deep realization and gratitude arose for our home, where all of this was already happening. I shared this

realization with others as well. "We are already living it, and it's right here. In our home." The ceremony

ended and a few days later, we received this beautiful video that allows you to see and experience the

atmosphere of a traditional cacao ceremony and the spirit in which we host events at our home.

We saw the space for our new project in the design of our house

A few days after this beautiful event, we received a design proposal from the architect who designed our

house. A few weeks before the ceremony, we had decided to transform the existing garage into two

children's rooms. We had already started working on converting the garage for this purpose since Neo

wanted his own space, and we felt it was time to embark on that project. And then came this design.

Upon seeing this design, we realized that next to our house, there was space for our new project that we

had talked about during the ceremony. Wow! We have an unused slope right there. And it's such a large

area that we could even build another house there. With a view of Pálava, the forests, and the green hills,

just a short distance from Brno.

And so, we began creating the new place - New Place

Initially, the project was named "Hobby" (on the architect's drawings). Later, we renamed it to New Place.

After a year of various proposals and a beautiful journey of envisioning how the place could look, the

architect spontaneously named it New Space, which amused us.

The entire process of envisioning the new house brought us great joy. We savored every design and

marveled at how the project seemed to evolve on its own - from a garage design to a two-story house with

a large terrace. It was pure magic!

After several months and multiple drafts of the New Place design, I began to feel that I wanted to further

support and manifest the whole project. So I created a book where I glued photographs that captured the

mood (hence the "mood book") and provided inspiration for the entire project. I also wrote down the

vision of the project in the book.

What did the "mood book" for the New Place project look like?

New Place was intended to materialize one of my dreams

That dream is to build an ecological and energy-independent house using natural materials. The house

would serve for various conscious events, seminars, courses, meetings, dance, yoga and a restaurant

offering vibrant, vegan, organic food and a salad bar. Additionally, there would be the production of

handcrafted, full-moon chocolate (read my story about chocolate), raw pastries, fresh juices and

ceremonial cacao. Our vision is to create a space where loving, conscious and high-vibrational projects

would come to life.

The building was supposed to consist of the first floor, where the entrance and main room would be

located. The main room would have an open kitchen, a natural bar, seating area, room for intuitive dance,

yoga, seminars, courses, retreats, cacao ceremonies, chi-kung and so on. The space would also serve for

raw food courses, vegan cuisine and other creative activities. This area would extend to a large terrace

with a view. The lower floor would provide accommodation for mentors or additional courses.

This house (space) would serve to support anyone who enters it. Therefore, the space would encourage, inspire, raise awareness, evoke memories and anchor everything that is in alignment with the divine order here on Earth.

The space would...

  • Help people remember their gifts and discover new gifts in here and now.

  • Guide and support the deeper experience of the present moment.

  • Remind us of the miracle of each and every one of us.

  • Show how the entire existence supports us limitlessly and infinitely in every moment, beyond what the mind can conceive.

  • Foster the miraculous flow.

  • Demonstrate that everything is possible and that it is never too late to change anything.

  • Show that it is possible to transform one's reality, health, relationships, work and receive great support, learning to accept it more and more. The more one relaxes, the more support can come. The greater the trust, the greater and more miraculous the support.

The house was intended to be built in divine order, with a connection to the source and interconnectedness and grounding with the Earth. It would serve as a reminder that God is within each of us. That we are divine beings and creators. That everything can flow in harmony, joy and ease. That heaven on Earth is right here and now, and we create it with every moment. It only takes a decision. It only takes starting to create a New World by deciding and the path will reveal itself with every step, with every detachment from certainties, the mind and old programs. Each small step towards alignment equals multiple support, flow, synchronicity, guidance and gifts.

Sentences that came to us for the entire New Place project:

  • Space for miracles.

  • Space for being.

  • Space for flow.

  • Space that brings you back into alignment with yourself.

  • Space that shows you how much of a great miracle you already are, simply because you exist.

  • Space with infinite and unlimited potential for creating anything in alignment with the source.

  • Space with a big heart that uplifts, anchors, guides and shows you what you ask for in a way that you will understand.

  • Space for creation, dance, conscious movement, beautiful vegan and living food made from the highest quality ingredients, created with enthusiasm and love for the process of creation. A space that caresses all your senses and allows you to see miracles in your life.

A place that supports healthy habits and inspires you to return to alignment with your soul, your higher

self and the source.

The house and the space within create a portal of miracles. The place is already raising vibrations and

anchoring the new consciousness of the New Earth on this planet.

I sent the "mood book," which includes inspiration and the project's vision, to three people, and miracles started happening

I sent the photographed "mood book" and vision to three people:

  • One of them was our friend Petr Řezníček, who works with crystals.

  • The second was a painter and creator of mandalas and cosmograms, Mrs. Lockerová.

  • Finally, I also approached Petra Legnerová, who creates beautiful ritual candles.

And because several synchronicities occurred in connection with these people, I decided to write short

stories - both about the candles and the crystal and the resulting cosmogram.

I had Petra make candles with a specific intention. She had creative freedom in their creation.

We found Petra randomly on Facebook. Her ritual creations and the beauty of the candles she makes

immediately caught my attention. So I reached out to her immediately and sent her the photographed

book. After Petra read the project's vision, she burst into tears.

We agreed that she would make several candles that together would create a "portal of miracles for New

Place." Since each candle Petra creates carries a theme and intention, I did not limit her in the specific

themes of the candles. Let the themes of the candles come as they should. I only gave her a specific

amount for the candles to be made, which was 8888 CZK.

The amount worked with me for a while. My mind chimed in a few times, saying, "Isn't that a lot? For

candles?" And I thought to myself, "No, it's not. This project carries unlimited financial freedom and this

amount will come back many times over." (And the amount did come back on the day the candles arrived.

But wait until the end of the story.)

The candles were supposed to be on their way, but they still hadn't arrived. It was then that I understood why - it was all divinely timed.

It's okay. Just keep relaxing more and more. And so, after several months, Petra contacted me. The

candles were ready. She sent them. However, the candles did not arrive for the entire week. So at the end

of the week, I messaged her that I still hadn't received them. Petra discovered that she had forgotten to fill

in a line in the Czech Post form and as a result, the package was not sent. It's okay. Their delivery has

divine timing. Just like everything else. The candles were finally sent the following Monday. And they

arrived in a beautiful synchronistic way that only the divine around us can time.

The package was delivered by a courier from the Czech Post along with another package. We usually

don't order anything through the Czech Post, but this time we ordered several books by Esther Hicks, the

author of The Law of Attraction and many other books. We ordered a book called Ask and It Is Given -

and we ordered it seven times because I decided to gift the books to my closest friends for Christmas.

The teachings that Esther Hicks shares are a great inspiration to me. I have been living according to what

is written in her books for a long time and through Esther Hicks' channeling, it further tunes me in and

brings awareness to what I feel. It is like a foundation for me, aligning with what intuitively came to me

throughout my life. When I discovered Esther Hicks and the Law of Attraction a year ago, I was truly

excited, as you can see from my story. I found books that perfectly describe what I experience. Thanks to

them, I realized why I live such a wonderful life and how I actually do it. It was as if someone transcribed

what I have inside into books.

Candles brought 3 synchronicities at once.

The timing of the candle delivery was so perfect that it couldn't have been more precise...

  1. On the same day, a package of 10 kilograms of candles arrived, along with a bundle of books titled "Ask and It Is Given." It was a profound symbolism and a beautiful synchronicity for me.

  2. On the same time, in the morning before the courier arrived with the candles and books, I decided to do a guided meditation after a long time. I chose a rainbow meditation. And when I started unpacking the candles, the first one out of the ten candles I unwrapped was named "Rainbow Essence." I perceived it as another connection and a lovely synchronicity.

  3. And the last synchronicity was that without Honza knowing that the candles had arrived, he informed me that the accountant from Love of Raw had contacted him and they would be refunding me VAT in the amount of 88,000 CZK. So the amount of 8,888 CZK for the candles really multiplied several times and it happened on the same day the candles arrived.

Tip: You can find the production of high-vibrational candles by Petra on Facebook under "Vysokovibrační

svíčky Petra Legnerová" (High-Vibrational Candles by Petra Legnerová).

How I acquired the largest Himalayan crystal they had

I felt that it was time to have a crystal for the project that would help anchor it more into the physical

realm. I sent the project's vision to our friend Petr from Reaon Crystals, from whom we have most of our

ritual crystals.

Petr contacted me and said that he felt it could be a larger crystal, one that could even be placed outside

and work with space on its own. I really liked this idea. I told Petr that I would like a crystal from the

Himalayas, from Tibet, for my new project. After a while, Petr sent me photos from the crystal wholesale,

where they have large Himalayan crystals. One of them appealed to me the most. Of course, it's

supposedly the largest one they have and also very unique. There are few natural giant 60 kg crystals like


Petr called me to inform me that the crystal I had chosen was no longer available. However, I felt happy and had a sense that things would work out somehow.

Petr wanted to confirm if the crystal was still in stock. After all, the photos he had taken at the wholesale

shop were a few months old. On the very same day we discussed the crystal and I made my selection

based on the photos, Petr called the shop. However, the owner informed him that it was quite a

coincidence that he called on that particular day because a lady was already on her way with cash to

purchase the crystal. Although she hadn't seen the stone in person, she was buying it as an investment. So,

unfortunately, it was not available anymore.

Petr called me with this "sad" news, but I, on the contrary, was overjoyed. I told him:

"I love it even more! If this crystal is meant to be part of the project, then it will somehow work out and the lady won't buy it." Petr shares a similar way of perceiving the world and events, so he said to me: "Zuzi, of course. I'll call them in the evening. Let's be surprised. It will be as you say."

Throughout the day, as I waited for Petr's call, a package arrived. Can you guess what was inside? On the

very day I had decided for the crystal and was also waiting to see if the lady would purchase it or not, I

received a package containing a book on Tibetan natural medicine, Tibetan food called Campa and

Tibetan porridge. It amused me greatly and I thought to myself, "Tibet and the Himalayas know how to

respond beautifully!"

And indeed, things worked out! The lady did not come to collect the crystal. She was stopped by the police.

In the evening, Petr called me excitedly and said, "Zuzi, imagine this: the lady didn't come for the crystal!

Do you know what happened?" I smiled and replied, "I don't know, tell me." "The police stopped her on

the way and didn't allow her to pass through the district. The lady was from an area with a higher

incidence of COVID, and even though a lockdown had not yet been declared, the police didn't let her

through. She could have easily arranged for a permit, taken a different route or reserved the stone, but she

never got in touch."

The next day, the owner called us and said that he considered the crystal available because such situations

kept happening with this particular stone. Petr advised us to plan a trip to Dvůr Králové as quickly as

possible. Unfortunately, we couldn't go on a day trip the following week because we didn't have childcare

and had many other obligations. So, we decided that if the crystal was meant to be ours, it would wait.

Petr tried to persuade me a few more times to schedule an earlier date, as there were other potential buyers who could go for the stone now.

In the end, we agreed to go for the stone on the 8th of March. This day was the day after the nationwide

lockdown and also International Women's Day. It was a perfect opportunity and, at the same time, a great

challenge to get through several districts at a time when soldiers and police officers were stationed

between the districts. No problem, we're going. We knew that the crystal would somehow resolve this too.

We didn't encounter a single patrol throughout the entire journey. There were several on the opposite side.

In the end, we bought the crystal. And we bought several others as well. The investment in this stone was

144,000 CZK, which we had to release and tell ourselves that this is a wonderful anchoring of abundance

for the whole vision.

Tip: For crystal purchases, I recommend a unique shop that you can find on Facebook under the name

The story of the cosmogram created on Noemi's birthday

Another wonderful supportive thing we wanted to support and anchor the whole vision and mission of the

place was the commissioning of a cosmogram. A cosmogram is a painting that is also an emitter and

harmonizer of space and can carry various themes.

The cosmogram for our project was created by Mrs. Lockerova, who had already created a cosmogram for

our family and our house. We have it built into the foundations of the house and we also have it on the

home altar. She also created the logo for my project with plant-based raw food, Love of Raw, which is

also a cosmogram. She has created cosmograms for the stone menhir circle in Klentnice on Pálava and

much more.

I commissioned the cosmogram on February 22, 2021. It was also the day when I built the first portal of

miracles for Kateřina Rae. It was an arrangement of crystals meant to support her to the maximum. A few

days later, Kateřina was inspired to create Life Cards. The day of the christening of these cards also

became the day when I decided to publicly share the theme of miracles (read the article about this day).

I met with Mrs. Lockerova at the end of May. Our meeting was powerful and inspiring. She then created

the cosmogram on June 10, which is Noemi's birthday and on that day, there was a full moon and a lunar

eclipse. On the same time that symbolizes for me that Noemi's birth was painless and beautiful - and

therefore everything around this project will go smoothly, easily, and abundantly.

Tip: If you would like to have a cosmogram painted for your project, company, house or any other

intention, you can contact Mrs. Lockerova through her website.

Mrs. Lockerova's cosmogram falls into the category of drawings with a distinct geometric structure,

where the influence of the shape harmoniously connecting multiple geometric elements allows us to

perceive the spiritual world and its principles. These radiators, in the form of cosmograms, mandalas and

other paintings help us on our spiritual journey in life to understand our mission and develop our qualities,

talents and actions. They also help dissolve and transform what hinders our development and prevents us

from meaningful fulfillment in life.

How the New Place project emerged from the physical space

New Place was originally intended to be a house with a grand intention. We even had a location for its

construction. That location was our plot of land on which our house stands. And it was possible. We even

had a design from an architect that we fine-tuned throughout the year. When we reached the final design

of the house and were about to apply for a building permit, we eventually decided not to build the house.

We realized the uniqueness of our privacy and suspended the entire project. We wanted to wait for another place where we could build something similar, but on a much larger scale.

Several months later, I decided to create a website for my new project, which would be connected to the

theme of miracles and synchronicity. When I started creating the website, the first name I wrote down was

"Place for Miracles, Cacao and Chocolate." And because I let myself be guided in the creative process, I

continued building the pages. Then I stopped and reflected on what the whole project should be called.

Suddenly, it occurred to me that this is actually New Place.

New Place is a place for miracles, cacao, chocolate and much more...

And I still believe that one day we will build such a house. And if we don't, we will create something even

more miraculous!

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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