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My miraculous ritual for the birth of this project. I drew cards that gave me a clear answer.

I love rituals. Morning, evening, small, big, personal, partnered, and even those within the family. I bring to you the story of a special ritual with which I celebrated the inception of this project. And since a few synchronicities occurred during it, I decided to write about it. The symbolism of what happened was

truly miraculous.

Thanks to rituals, you can realize what you want and don't want in life

A ritual, to me, is a moment of pause and reflection, where I assess where I am, what I'm calling into my life and welcoming, or conversely, what isn't serving me and I'm letting go of.

And it was exactly this kind of ritual that I embarked upon for my new theme - miracles and

synchronicities. Through this ritual, I received many ideas and that's how this website and the whole

project came into being...

My ritual began with creating an altar with various objects

It was an ordinary day. My husband, Honza, took the children to kindergarten and I decided to make some

time for myself. For me, personal time means doing only what I truly want to do in that moment. It's

about responding to what my soul is yearning for and what will truly nourish it. This time, I chose dance

and ritual. So, I arranged a beautiful altar on the floor, adorned with flowers, crystals, candles and my

favorite incense. I also added my beloved cards and essential oils.

I danced around the altar, attuning myself to the theme of miracles and a lot of inspiration came

In the first part of the ritual, I danced around the altar, aligning myself with my new theme that I had

decided to share publicly - the theme of miracles and synchronicities. During the dance, I felt a surge of

inspiration, so I jotted down bits of it while continuing to dance. In the second part of the ritual, I sat by

the altar and drew two cards for my new journey.

At that point, I didn't know exactly how to approach this theme. I only knew that it was a path where my soul rejoiced, felt immense enthusiasm, passion and the rest would reveal itself in due time.

In this, I have absolute trust because I know that if I decide and am tuned into this mindset, the path will

always reveal itself. My mind simply doesn't conjure up the how, why, where and with whom. All of that

comes naturally at the right time through inspiration, which clearly shows what's next. And so, it suddenly

happens that you get an idea to create a website, write an article, an affirmation, arrange a photoshoot.

Suddenly, someone contacts you to do an interview. Suddenly, a week goes by and you realize you're on a

new path in life, far from the place of your original decision. Gradually, more and more small steps come,

opening new possibilities. I've been experiencing this for many years.

Tip: For inspiration, I'm sharing the music I danced to during this ritual. It's beautiful and perhaps it will

bring miracles and magic to you as well. The whole album is over 1.5 hours long, so you can try dancing

directly to it and let inspiration flow to you. You can listen to it on YouTube.

I drew cards, and they gave me answers

Suddenly, I felt it was time for the cards that would support me in the next steps. I flipped the first card,

and it had a big YES on it with the text: Simply say YES! I sat by the altar, took the card in my hands and

said aloud, "Yes, this is my next path, and I decide to share miracles with others." I also looked at the meaning of the card in the booklet that comes with the cards. In the booklet, there were about 50 YESs written on two pages, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES.

Then, I drew the second card. What came was a tremendous surprise, synchronicity, a miracle and

confirmation all in one for me. I drew a card with the word MIRACLE written on it. I had never drawn

this card before, and I honestly didn't know such a card existed in the deck. It gave me chills.

In the booklet that accompanies the cards, there was an explanation:

"A miracle is the reward of faith. You're ready to witness and create miracles in your life by opening your heart to love. You'll see a miracle in what you're experiencing now."

And the text in the booklet continued:

"Life in duality was fully under the control of the mind. The new cycle of changes has opened the

floodgates and the power of the soul pours through the veins of planetary consciousness. Waves of living

Gaia energy respond to the photon stream of particles from the central sun of the Galaxy and animate your consciousness. The penetration of realities causes things you have never experienced before and the mind cannot accept and process it. At the same time, the manifestations of your thoughts are accelerating. You are in a time of quantum change.

Allow yourself to perceive this as a miracle. The miracle of planetary, collective and your personal

rebirth. Calm your mind and perceive everything from the center of your heart, where the soul resides in the embrace of the wisdom of the Spirit. There, you will feel the lightness, the perfection of all, the

synchronicities and the miracles of awakening. Miracle is the natural action of the creation of the Spirit. God's blessing through grace. If you let the Divine force work within you, beings in your presence will experience a miracle. An extraordinary shift of realities. Enjoy this time of miracles and maintain the vibration of faith within you, no matter what happens."


  • "I open my heart to the miracles of life.

  • I allow myself to perceive the miracles of awakening.

  • With ease, I manifest the miracle of materializing my intentions.

  • Here and now - this present moment is the source of miracles.

  • Life is a miracle. Thank you."


Tip: A miraculous invitation to make time for yourself and for rituals.

If you're not yet in the "flow of life," I have a miraculous invitation for you. Try to make some time for

yourself. A time when you can allow yourself to do absolutely anything. Take a small step towards what

your heart is calling you to do. Don't think about how sensible it is or what others might say about it -

simply do it. And then let life surprise you, because it will start transforming for you! Incorporate this

time for yourself into your life regularly and you'll see how much inspiration, relaxation, rest or creativity

will come to you!

How to Start with Your First Ritual

You can approach a ritual in any way you like. A single candle can be enough, or you can create a whole

altar with items related to the chosen theme or items you find appealing for celebrating that theme. You

can involve different elements and use incense or scented sticks. It's truly up to you. The important thing

is that through the ritual, you enter conscious presence and give attention - and therefore energy - to the

chosen theme.

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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