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How our favorite singer came to our home

A story of a fulfilled dream that came true several times, each time more magically and miraculously. I

once wished to experience Kevin James Carolla's concert in Bali. And the universe added something to it

that I would have never thought of. And it happened several times.

Don't focus on HOW the wish will come true; it will manifest in a miraculous way

This experience is a proof to me of how much our wishes can be supported and how they can come true in an absolutely miraculous way if I allow myself not to worry about HOW the wish will come true.

The universe has solutions that are always much more magical than what we can come up with. So, for

some time now, I don't ponder on HOW the wish will be fulfilled. I know that if I don't start overthinking

the way it will happen, I leave room for the so-called "miraculous" possibility. Unexpected solutions can

gradually come... And if the wish doesn't come true, something much more beautiful might happen.

Thanks to this mindset, I let go of clinging to the wish and open myself to the field of miraculous

solutions. This is one of my long-standing attitudes that can bring me a story like this incredible one...

Honza played his favorite music for me. I loved it so much that I now use it in every video recipe.

I'm going back to 8 years ago. I met my husband Honza, who opened up a new world of travel, healthy

food and conscious living for me. It's something I longed for. This is what I always wished for and partly

lived. As we got to know each other, Honza played his favorite music for me. And so, I listened to Kevin

James Caroll's songs for the first time. His songs are full of mantras and listening to them brings a person

back to themselves, in harmony with their heart, calming and heightening conscious perception. I feel it

right from the start.

And so, I fell in love with this music to the point that a few years later, I used it in every video recipe for

my plant-based food project, Love of Raw. Of course, only after direct arrangement with Kevin - after his

first concert that I experienced with him in Bali.

I wished to experience Kevin's music live and miracles began to happen...

So, I listened to his music every time I was driving and wished to experience his concert. Ideally in Bali,

where I had wanted to go for a long time. A few months passed and Honza and I set off for the Philippines

and then Bali. Kevin James happened to be in Bali, so we managed to experience his concert live.

Considering that Kevin was on the road all year round, this was already a stroke of luck. The concert itself

was a great experience for me. I felt immense gratitude. My dream came true.

The story continues further. The following year, we traveled to Bali again. I was five months pregnant. We

were expecting our little Neo. Once again, I wished to experience the concert. And it happened again; we

experienced the concert in Bali once more. And this time, another cosmic gift arrived in the form of

shooting his music video for the song "Heaven in Your Eyes."

We became part of Kevin's music video. I could never have imagined that!

Since Honza had already participated in one of Kevin James's music video shoots in Bali, back when we

didn't even know each other, he knew Kevin more closely. And just when Honza and I were in Bali again,

Kevin decided to shoot his next music video. So, he extended the invitation to Honza for the shoot as


The video was filmed in a beautiful Balinese house that Kevin had rented. The house was partly open,

without walls in some areas, directly connected to the lush jungle. Just being in this space was a profound

experience, even without shooting the music video. I felt immense gratitude and the fulfillment of

something I could have never imagined. During the shoot, there were unlimited coconuts available. And

during the concert that was filmed for the video, I had the best raw chocolate pralines I've ever tasted.

Simply a dream and Heaven on Earth in one experience.

As a surprise, we were invited to a private concert. It was an unforgettable experience.

At the end of the entire shooting day, a private concert was held, and eventually, out of around 60 people,

only about 20 remained. During this private concert, I sat directly across from Kevin, in a beautifully

decorated circle of colorful flowers. I sang, sipped coconut water and caressed my pregnant belly. The

jungle resonated and smelled behind me. An unforgettable experience.

And how did the final music video turn out? Take a look.

Below is the music video for "Heaven in Your Eyes," which Kevin filmed. You will see the essence of this

described experience, the space, the floral circle and the environment where we shot the video.

And here's another music video where you'll see Honza and feel the atmosphere of Kevin's concerts in


We went to Bali again. This time, Kevin wasn't there, but I believed that we would meet again.

We returned to the Czech Republic. Neo was born. A few years passed. We found ourselves in Bali again.

This time, I was pregnant again. Again, in the fifth month. However, Kevin wasn't in Bali this time. It

didn't matter. I believed that we would experience his concert again someday and it would be at the right

time. And so it happened.

Kevin organized a concert for us right at our home!

During the time of restricted travel, Kevin decided to release the album "Wild Free Spirit." He launched a

campaign where anyone could contribute and choose rewards based on their contribution. We donated an

amount that was linked to his private concert, anywhere in Europe.

Several months later, Kevin visited us for three days. We spent this time together and organized a concert

for our closest friends and family. We prepared a beautiful circle of crystals and flowers on the floor, we

also prepared ceremonial cacao and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with a concert within the circle of our

loved ones right at our home.

I received a gift that opened my heart to new levels. I started crying.

The day after the concert, we spent the entire morning with Kevin and his wife, sharing the miraculous

aspects of our lives. A beautiful bond of friendship was formed.

As I prepared our final lunch, I suddenly heard Kevin playing the guitar from our long hallway. I went to

look around the corner and saw Kevin sitting with his guitar under our home altar. Our home altar is a

shelf in the hallway where we keep ritual items, crystals and other special objects that remind us of

gratitude for the place we live. Kevin sat beneath this spot and played the song "Life is Perfect." I

recorded a short video and sat opposite him. It was such a powerful moment filled with immense

connection and unity that I started crying. This moment opened my heart to new levels and I felt

enormous currents of gratitude and truly unconditional love, acceptance and harmony. This was probably

the greatest gift for me.

I wished and let the miracle of life create...

After this experience, I naturally wished to have another private concert at our home. The miracle of life

made it happen - Kevin told us before leaving that he would come back anytime to play and that we could

hold a concert at our place every year if we wanted. He considered it an exceptional event in such

beautiful energy that he wanted to experience again.

I don't know what will happen next, but what I do know is that it will be truly amazing and I don't want toplan it. I want to let it unfold in complete miraculousness and uniqueness, which only life itself can create...

And so, I wish for all of you that your stories unfold in a magical way and that you invite even more

miracles into your lives. It's possible. Always. No matter the circumstances.

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


Tip: Where to Find Songs by Kevin James Caroll

If you're interested in listening to Kevin James's music, you can purchase one of his CDs on his website.

Some of his songs can also be found on YouTube, but most of them are available on his website. You'll

also find information about his current concerts and retreats that Kevin organizes.

We've been listening to his music for almost ten years now. So, if you're looking for harmonizing and

healing music on many levels, dive into Kevin's music and let yourself be surprised!


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