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A story about coffee and a miracle that I wouldn't have thought up on my own!

When you make a wish for coffee and the universe magically delivers it right in front of your nose with

perfect timing... A story that can show you how quick and funny the universe is in fulfilling wishes. And if

something like coffee can come true, then why can't anything big come true so quickly?

Coffee and a walk - that was our plan

I am a mother of two small children and my partner Honza and I like to take time for ourselves. And so

we agreed one autumn Saturday that Honza's parents would look after the children for us and we would

have a coffee and a walk together.

We handed the children over to their grandparents, got into the car and had the wonderful feeling that the

children were happy and that we had time for ourselves. It was during the lockdown when almost

everything was closed. Cafés sold coffee only through the "windows". So we went to our favorite vegan

café, where we had a coffee outside. Then we got into the car and drove towards countryside.

Before we drove through Brno, we both felt like having one more coffee, but the queue put us off

We don't drink that much coffee, it's more of a rare thing for us, but this was a special day. Maybe it was

because we had been without children – just two of us - after a long time and coffee somehow carried a

feeling of bliss, well-being, peace and a shared ritual. Since our appetite persisted, we decided to try to

stop at a café that had a window in Jundrov.

When we got there, we saw a huge line of people waiting there. That discouraged us. We didn't have that

much time. We only had babysitting for two hours. And so we thought that it didn't matter, that we have

already had one coffee and drove on.

We drove through the neighborhood one more time and went outside Brno to Jinačovice, where we

decided to park in a small one-way street. It was Sunday. No one anywhere. We didn't even meet many

cars on the way. The weather was very autumnal. Winter and a little rain. Nobody wanted to go out.

Except the two of us.

As soon as we stopped, we noticed a car backing up the one-way street. It stopped right behind our trunk.

We parked in a small turn in this one-way street. We got out and immediately noticed who parked it

behind us.

A coffee delivery car parked right behind us! The writing on the car had a clear message. We will prepare the coffee in front of you.

It was a great miracle for me, because I had never seen anything like that. A coffee delivery car that will

make coffee right in front of your house! And it just appeared behind our car!

This whole situation really amused us given the context of our great appetite for a second coffee. Then we

learned that the car missed the address it was going to and had to back out and thus we met. And so it

happened that the lady made us coffee on the spot. :-)

And so it's been a long time since I tried to guess how the wish could come true, because I simply could never come up with all these miraculous-magical solutions. I prefer to be surprised.

What would happen if you tried not to solve the question of HOW the given thing happens, resolves,

fulfills? Would you believe that it could resolve itself without you trying hard? Easily? Simply? In a way

that you wouldn't even think of it? Maybe it's time to try to open up to this way of approaching situations

and experiencing life. There is great magic in it!

The universe doesn't care if it's a coffee or something bigger like a house

I have already had many big life wishes come true - and very quickly. I feel that the universe doesn't care

if it's a little thing like a coffee or something "bigger" - like a dream partner, house or work. There is no

difference. The only difference is whether we allow the universe to fulfill our wishes and whether we

allow it to do it quickly.

We can block the fulfillment of our wishes by our own mindset. But it can be changed!

We often do not allow those bigger wishes to materialize quickly because of our mindset and limiting

beliefs. We think this is not possible for us for some reason. We don't believe how this could happen, we

don't see any possible way.

The fact that something happens or does not happen to you is not influenced by anyone from the outside. It's up to you! You make all the magic! You allow if some miracle solution happens, a synchronicity or all in one.

When you discover your limiting beliefs and internal settings that do not allow you to fulfill your wishes,

you can simply replace them with different ones. The ones that can help you fulfill your wishes more


Tip: If you want help on this journey, download my e-book at the bottom of the home page. I gift it to

everyone who wants to discover their limits in the mind and transform their life. You will find there

techniques that work for me 100% and mindset settings that allow me to see situations from a greater

perspective, with gratitude and as opportunity to understand and change something in my life. Techniques

that help me live life with ever greater ease, joy and wonder!

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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