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A gift that can change a relationship, perspective on a situation, or even an entire life.

Today, I would like to inspire you with our favorite Christmas gift, one to which we've joyfully returned

for 8 years now. It's a personal Christmas letter. I'll try to motivate you to create this letter yourself this

year. You can write it at any time during the year as well.

The Christmas letter is a gift we've happily returned to for 8 years. Each time, it's filled with beautiful realizations.

This sweet attention has a unique way of conveying the essence of love. For me, it's the absolute best gift

to receive from a partner and I always look forward to it immensely. At the same time, I love the writing

process itself. Every time, it's filled with beautiful realizations and gratitude for all the people and positive

aspects I have in my life.

Steps to start writing the Christmas letter:

I warmly recommend setting aside a special time and space for writing these letters. It could be a cozy

corner in your home, a favorite café or a nice spot in nature with a warm blanket, a thermos of tea and a

candle. I personally enjoy writing at home or in nature.

Before starting, I create a ritual space with a candle, a favorite incense or essential oil, and other objects. This creates a small altar. I prepare some nice paper, pens, colored pencils and anything to decorate the letter.

Once I have the space ready, I tune into myself and my intention for a moment. Initially, I usually don't

know exactly what it will be about. My experience is that when you write from the heart, the letter seems

to compose itself. It's a wonderful process. I'm always surprised by what I've written and by what

memories come to me.

Every year, I write several letters. Sometimes for my mom and dad, sometimes for my close friends. Each

time, I write to someone different. But there's always one person I write to - my husband, Honza.

What to write to your partner

If you're unsure about what to write in the letter, try mentally going through the past year and highlighting

the most beautiful and impactful shared experiences. They can even be seemingly small things that show

your partner what was important to you and what you'd like to experience together with them even more

in the future. Often, we don't even realize how significant a specific touch on the face, a wildflower

picked in a meadow or even just a long hug was for our partner.

Furthermore, in the letter, you can describe what you would like to experience together next year. Express

with kind words what you would like to do differently or what you might need from them to be even more

aligned with each other.

Certainly, don't forget to pay attention to the qualities you love about your partner and the qualities that

make them exceptional to you. You can express gratitude for who they are and appreciate all their gifts

and talents that inspire you.

Tips for wrapping the letter

I truly love this creative part of crafting our special gift! You can decorate the letter in any way you like.

You can place it in a beautiful box filled with dried fruits and flowers. You can roll it up and tie it with

strings. Or wrap it in nice natural fabric. Essentially, anything creative that comes to mind.

Involve children in the process:

If your children are young and can't write yet, ask them to draw a picture showing what they liked the

most about the past year with you. Or it could be several things they enjoy doing together with you. Here,

too, you might discover that for your child, the most important thing was a small train trip with just you,

flying a kite, bedtime cuddles or building a Lego house. I believe that when you see this, you can

incorporate these activities (or at least something similar) into your shared life even more.

And if your child can write, they can express on a few lines what they liked the most last year and what

new things they'd like to experience with you.

At the same time, you can also write a letter to your child, praising their gifts and talents and make them

aware of what you enjoy experiencing together and what you might do differently.

How my first letter to my mom and dad turned out:

When I wrote my first Christmas letter to my mom, thanking her for everything she's done for us and

expressing my appreciation, she called me the next day and said that she had cried several times while

reading it. She decided to display the letter at home so she could read it whenever she wanted. She also

mentioned that she read it to my grandpa and he cried too. That's the kind of impact a letter can have! It

brings about a lot of realizations, love, understanding and acceptance.

I also wrote to my father, who, however, never expressed himself about the letters. But things have

changed a lot since then. It's not really necessary for the person to react to the letter in any specific way.

Everything that is contained in the writing continues to work and gradually there is an understanding,

sometimes even an explanation of certain experiences and feelings.

Get inspired! Honza wrote the first letter to Neo.

Last year, Honza prepared a short Christmas letter for our four-year-old Neo. It was written from the heart - you can feel it and it's really touching for me. Neo wanted to read it out loud again and again back then. We decided to publish it for inspiration.


Tip: Try this Christmas tradition this year. And let yourself be surprised by what happens.

Christmas letters bring great realization, gratitude, understanding and a dose of love. No bought gift can

do that for sure! Only our heart can do it, expressing everything that needs to be said through words.

So, I warmly recommend trying this new Christmas tradition yourselves and writing at least one such

letter. It doesn't have to be long. Let yourself be surprised by the goodness this gift will bring to someone

close to you. It's also a gift for yourselves at the same time.

I would be very glad if you could write to us about your experience with writing letters. We would be

grateful for sharing your story, which can then inspire others.

A beautiful pre-Christmas time, filled with love, to all of you!

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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