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The mission of the necklace

Let this piece of jewelry remind you every day that HEAVEN ON EARTH is right here and now. Let him show you and remind you that it is important to have HEAVEN ON EARTH within yourself first. Let this place inside you not only remind you, but also activate and help you on your journey of HEAVEN ON EARTH to experience more and more in your life.


Let this delightful feeling connect with every cell of your body.


May you live HEAVEN ON EARTH inside and out. As soon as you feel it in yourself, you will start to see it everywhere. And as you see it, it will begin to expand. And as it begins to expand, you will begin to choose it in your life more and more often. And then what happens is that you live it and enjoy it in all areas of your life. Because you always have a choice and it is always possible to make any change.


Let it bring you a change in the perception of this world. May you allow yourself and allow yourself to live HEAVEN ON EARTH anytime, anywhere and in any situation.

Make believe it is possible. Make believe it's natural. Let HEAVEN ON EARTH become a natural element of your perception and experience of the world.




'Lemurian Sisters' Pearl Collection

Cena: 5 555 Kč

Poštovné: zdarma

Materiál: pravé perly, stříbro a zlato ( náhrdelník je pozlacený metodou golden plated) 


Tvar a zapínání:


Náhrdelník se zapíná za krkem. Jde o tzv. body chain ( tělový náhrdelník). Za krkem je další část s několika perlami, které visí po zádech směrem dolů. Celý náhrdelník se zapíná pod žebry a obepíná tedy i záda zezadu. Na těle jej necítíte. Nemáte tedy pocit, že byste kolem těla něco měly zapnutého. Náhrdelník je tedy tzv. tělovým náhrdelníkem a je vyjimečný i touhle úpravou. 

Healing_Festival_Srpen_2022 (4).jpg

Magical synchronicity

The jewelry was created in collaboration with Eliška Vaea, and after many synchronicities, I decided to offer it under my collection, as the messages from the universe were more than clear. 


When this jewelry collection was supposed to arrive, it happened exactly at the time when we were preparing the Miracle Cacao&Chocolate&Coffee bar and the entire opening ritual for 800 people as part of the Healing Festival. I wanted to have the jewelry on display in our Miracle bar, where some of you may have seen it. But the shipment did not arrive the week before the Healing Festival. She arrived right on the day of her departure for the Healing Festival. The day I said to myself that if the necklace is already to be displayed there, then the necklace and Lemuria will just arrange it, and what happened was that the customs procedure was accelerated and do you know when the courier arrived with the package? 


The courier arrived at the moment I closed our gate and was approaching the car, saying that we were already leaving for a week at the place where the Healing Festival would be held. At this minute, a courier arrived with a package of necklaces. This was really miraculous timing and a clear message for me. 

The call of the necklace...


The vibrations of Lemuria speak to you from the clear waters of the ocean. Do you hear, sense and feel this call?


Lemurian Souls often feel a strong connection to water, crystals and healing. Old souls that were already here on earth. This collection celebrates the women of Lemuria, the sisters, in their co-creation, mutual support and love. Shining together and more!

Wise Healers, Sea Fairies…strong open hearts.

Lemuria is an ancient civilization where all beings lived in harmony with the elements, the sun and the moon and with each other. They were very advanced beings with overflowing wisdom. Beings who understood crystals and their healing power. They really lived Heaven on Earth. And they are still here, are you one of them?

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