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Miracle support for you - ritual drawing of cards on a full or new moon.

I love to work and connect with cards. Ever since I was little. It's something that has been with me since elementary school. The drawn cards convey a message, show the way or can confirm a decision. And so I decided to offer you support in this form as well. With what I love and what I enjoy a lot.


Is this method of support for you?


If somewhere deep inside you perceive, feel or simply know that I could support you on your path in this way, this offer is for you. You can receive a message through me and the cards drawn that will give you directions to what you most need to realize right now or confirmation of what you already anticipate. Maybe it will change your whole life, maybe it will just give you some directions or make you realize what you have known inside yourself for a long time. The cards work perfectly.


So if this type of sign is calling you, it could be one of those next little steps you can take on your journey. And if you allow yourself to do it, something completely unpredictably wonderful and magical can open up.

What does this support package include?

After filling out the form, you will receive a confirmation from me that I have received the request for card reading, together with the date when I will draw 3 cards for you. You can choose from 2 decks of cards that I use.

On the given day, I will send you the drawn cards together with the interpretation from the book that belongs to the given deck of cards. I will draw the cards on the new moon or the full moon, whichever date is closer to when your order was placed.

What cards do I use for card reading?

You can choose from 2 decks of cards from world-renowned author Rebecca Campbell.


  1. „Work Your Light Oracle“ - Rebecca Campbel

    These Oracle cards were created to help you hear the whispers of the soul, deepen and amplify your
    clairvoyant senses, bring balance to your life, and retune to the rhythm of the Universe. „Work your light“ cards are a tool to deepen your relationship with your soul and Source. Instead of looking outside for answers or advice, see each card as a gateway to a portal to your own inner guidance—as a tool on the path to consciousness waiting to be revealed to you right now.

  2. „Starseed Oracle“ - Rebecca Campbell

    Cards that activate your cosmic energy. These wonderful activation oracle cards will help you unlock the treasures of your soul, remember your cosmic origin and cosmic essence and manifest it fully in your daily physical experience. If you've been trying to dim your light in order to fit in, it's time to stop and let it shine fully. Each of the 53 beautiful cards will help you connect with your soul's calling and your heart's guidance.

An investment in magical support on your journey

444 CZK

Bonus for you

As a bonus, I will also pull out an affirmation that will support you as much as possible on your journey.




Portal of miracles

.I will build for you a figure from crystals, flowers and gifts of nature on any topic, project, life event or for your personal ritual. Until now, I have offered this support only for my closest relatives. I created portals for prenatal, birth, portals for a new project or a big step or change in life.

This special support can start a lot of miracles and synchronicities in your life, simple solutions, easiness, gentleness, radiance and point you in the right direction.

If you perceive and feel that I am the one who can move you on your way, this way of support is just for you.

What is a portal?

You can imagine the portal as an energetic gateway to a new reality. A space whose energy will support you as much as possible to get through what you need to get through. Space for moments of great leaps and significant transformations. As much as you allow yourself.

You can imagine the portal as an energetic gateway to a new reality. A space whose energy will support you as much as possible to get through what you need to get through. Space for moments of great leaps and significant transformations. As you allow yourself to do.

I will send you photos and a video of the entire portal, which I will leave open for 24 hours on a date we agree on. It's something that either calls you or it doesn't. So if you feel a clear yes, I can support you in this way on many levels that your mind cannot grasp, but your heart will feel.


An investment in your next life journey

8,888 CZK

If you are interested in creating a portal, just fill out this form.


Portal of Miracles Jewelry and Mindset Jewelry Collection

These jewels will be another way I can support you on your journey to miraculous flow. I love crystals and beautiful jewelry. My parents made crystal jewelry throughout my childhood. I grew up in an
apartment that was also a large workroom full of crystals and jewelry.


I have decided to design jewelry that will be exceptional in many ways. Jewelry that will radiate and attract the essence of wonder and that you can always wear with you.

The perfect combination of a mindset that can support you as much as possible and a piece of jewelry that you will love

If you want to call even more synchronicity, wonder, easiness, joy, peace and insight into your life, this
piece of jewelry will be something that will help direct your attention in that direction.

I am currently developing jewelry with great joy and enthusiasm.

I want to be the first to know about jewelry when it becomes available



Chocolate intuitive miracle dance
Dance of magic. Dance of miracles. Dance of your soul.

Dance your way to miracles, visions, fulfilled wishes and most importantly to yourself. Dance to what your soul is calling for.


Dancing brings you into harmony with yourself. In harmony with your soul's essence. In alignment with the Source.

How will this event take place?

I will open a space for miracles for you and a small group of women. I will create a portal of miracles, an energetic figure of crystals, flowers and gifts of nature that will be unique to the group. We will dance together in this space. Each for herself and with herself. No rating. As everyone needs. A special ritual cocoa and chocolate will also be prepared, which will relax you even more, induce a state of bliss and connect with the heart.

This space will support you as much as possible so that thanks to dance you can get even more connected with yourself and the miraculous potential of living, attuning and flowing. So that you anchor your joy in life even more, in all the wonderful little things, in yourself and in the fact that you simply ARE.

Duration: 4 hours

Venue: Brno and surroundings

Estimated price: CZK 888


A high-vibration fragrance from Portal of Miracles essential oils.

I am a creative soul who loves not only the smell of chocolate. And so I decided to create a fragrance from a combination of essential oils that would carry a huge and loving message.

A fragrance that will strengthen your life in easiness, joy and miraculous flow. A fragrance that reminds you that anything is possible and that you are always fully supported on the path that is in harmony with
you and your heart. Every whiff will remind you that this support is absolute. It will anchor in you absolute faith in the miraculousness of life and yourself.

A fragrance that you can use in different ways, even as a personal perfume that will raise your vibration and miraculous essence. Or you can smell this fragrance anytime you need to add more support, energy, faith and trust in the miraculous flow and that you actually are the greatest miracle that creates more miracles.

You are the portal to miracles!


You can find the use of essential oils in ancient traditions. They are special and magical in many ways. I personally use pure essential oils, which are gently pressed and processed in such a way that they retain maximum effectiveness, essence and magical vibration. I have been using them for more than ten years and this fragrance will be created from these essential oils.


Let this fragrance enchant you. Let it become your fragrant guide on your journey. Let it be your support and reassurance that a miraculous solution to any situation can always be found. Let it open a place in you where you know deep down that nothing is impossible. Let yourself open to the miraculous flow and then carry and show this to others. May you inspire, light up and help to remember all those who meet you with an open heart on their journey.

Allow yourself to live what you want to live. Allow yourself to live joy. Allow yourself whatever makes you feel good. And if you allow it for yourself, let yourself be surprised how your life will begin to unfold.

The fragrance is currently in development. If you wish to be notified when the fragrance is available, please fill out the form by clicking the button below.




A personal, unique and miraculous ritual in the field of the Portal of Miracles.

When I started creating energy crystal patterns called Portals of Miracles, I didn't know that the next step would be the rituals, thanks to which I can guide you through this portal. And now this possibility has
opened up and so I offer it to you.

It is a ritual that is different, unique and especially miraculous each time and for everyone.

A ritual that anchors a field of miracles and helps you to start living life differently. In greater easiness, tenderness, joy and wonder. A ritual that carries the experience that heaven on earth is here. Right here
and right now. And you can live it. You just have to make the decision and step in with absolute confidence.

The ritual to the Portal of Miracles is an experience of several days and sometimes several weeks. It starts with the order itself and then already contains a sequence of synchronicities and miracles, thanks to which a completely unique personal ritual is created, which I will then guide you through in the field of the portal of miracles.

I start preparing the pattern and space for the ritual the day before the agreed date of the ritual. On the day of the ritual, it takes about 4-5 hours to prepare the space. Then the ritual itself takes place. After the ritual, integration takes place through the portal. The whole process is very individual, personal and miraculous and cannot be planned in advance. This would limit its miraculous essence.


No need for words. This ritual carries a vibration that is picked up by the one for whom it is intended.


Investment: CZK 33,333

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