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remote rituals with crystals and diamonds in the sacred places of magical Bali

I am going to travel again, this time for a month (February 28-March 28, 2023) with my whole family. And since I have a great connection with the place we are going to and it is my second home, I decided to offer you the possibility of rituals and support for your dream, vision or wish from a distance.

Bali is called the island of the gods, and since the belief in gods and magic is ubiquitous and completely natural here, magic, prayers and faith are an absolute part of the life of everything and everyone. The energy of Bali is powerful, strong and very transformative. Bali has always supported me tremendously on my journey.


I have been to Bali many times and it has always brought me many incredible experiences, so I know and believe that together with this place I can support you from a distance.


The offers that come to me in connection with visiting powerful places on this planet always come in the form of inspiration from the heart and I absolutely follow that inspiration. I know it's not for everyone. But at the same time, there are many people who perceive, feel and know that this is the right thing that will absolutely support them. Last year, I supported more than 150 people in this way, on my trips to Tenerife, Avalon or Bhutan. And many miracles happened, both to me and to those who took advantage of the offer. And that is the biggest reward for me.


And then truly wonderful and often mind-boggling things happen to people who are called by my offer. And that's something I love to help create for others.


I know I can create a space where synchronicities and miracles happen to people more often. It's the same as when you enter a temple, where you kind of simply fall into meditation. This is similar. The fact that miracles start happening to you is not done by me, but by you. Maybe you will believe in my presence from a distance or open yourself to all those unlimited and miraculous possibilities even more or as much as you need to anchor this way of living, perception of the world and reality in yourself more.

I will only help you to support and sometimes even create a field - a space for this way of experiencing reality and perceiving miracles and synchronicities.


It gradually dawns on me why I called this project New Place. I create a truly new space for you by what I do, teach and, above all, live every day. Not only on the outside, but mainly on the inside of you. It is a space where you absolutely believe in life and where you have never stopped believing in the limitless possibilities of this existence.


And so in this I follow the call of my soul and take one step at a time. And then I just let myself be surprised by what comes and what I can offer next.


If the energy of Bali is calling you and you feel that this island combined with my absolute belief in living miracles could help you on your journey, then this offer is for you and I will be very happy to support you in this way.


You can choose one, two or even all offers.

It is possible to join the offers until February 25, 2023.

Miracle #1: Waterfall Ritual with Aquamarine and Card Drawing

At one of the sacred waterfalls in Bali I will do a remote ritual for you and pull out a card with a message for your next step, life, dream or anything else you wish for and I will leave a small aquamarine in place to support, anchor or activate your wishes even more.


I offer you my absolute belief in the miraculousst of this existence with which I can do this for you. I offer you my total faith in life and a loving universe. I offer you fabulous support for your wish, dream, vision or yourself. It is an honor for me to support you in this way and to be surprised together by what this ritual can start. Because if what you wish for doesn't come true, something even more beautiful and miraculous will happen that we can't imagine with our minds. 


If this offer calls you, please fill out the form related to this offer. Before my trip, you will receive an email where I will give you inspiration on how we can support remote support even more together. 


The ritual will take place on the new moon of 3/21/2023. It will not be an online ritual, but a ritual that I will do on the new moon in Bali. I will write to you on my return, and send you your drawn card, and also a second small aquamarine for you to string on a string and wear on your wrist.

Capacity is limited to 22 of you.

The price of the miracle is CZK 1,222.


It's never too late to change your life


Miracle #2: Pull Ritual
3 cards, a magic wand in the form of a Himalayan crystal and anchoring your wish, vision or dream

I will carry one of the special Himalayan crystals that I bought just for this purpose for you through the many sacred places in Bali. At one of the sacred places in Bali, I will perform a ritual that will further support and anchor your intention, vision or dream. When I bought the crystals, I was immediately inspired that they are like magic wands that you can then use to amplify your wishes and give you maximum support on your unique heart and soul journey.


I will place the crystal in a special bag with your name on it at all the sacred places I visit and then send it to you by courier when I return from my trip.

I can also speak the crystal with a special wish, intention, dream or vision that you want to anchor, activate or call into your life. Just write your wishes in the form for this offer.

The crystal will then provide you with vibrations, knowledge and support that is to bring you Bali. The magic that happens is behind all these words. If this option calls to you, then it is simply for you. He can support you on your journey in a miraculous way that will happen. In a way that neither you nor I can think of because that would limit it.


The crystals I will be using for this purpose are straight from the Himalayas and will come in small or large sizes. You can then carry the crystal with you at any time, you can turn it into a piece of jewelry, a sacred talisman or a personal item.


If this offer calls you, please fill out the form related to this offer.

Before the trip, you will receive an email where I will give you inspiration on how we can support the entire remote support even more together.

The ritual will take place sometime between 3/5-25. 3. 2023. We will see where and to what place it calls me for this ritual. This will not be an online ritual, but a ritual that I will do on the new moon in Bali. I will write to you when I return and send you your drawn cards.


This offer is possible for 12 of you.
 The price of Miracle No. 2 is CZK 2,555.

Because you are alive everything is possible

Miracle #3: Diamonds and the Diamond Ritual

Když jsem jela vybírat himalájské krystaly pro cestu na Bali (nabídka č. 2) se záměrem nabídnout opět podporu z mé cesty, tak jsem narazila na možnost zakoupit i mini diamanty o velikosti 1,4 mm. A tak jsem se rozhodla, že je nakoupím a nabídnu je pro ty, které volá diamantová vibrace a chtěli by si diamantem ukotvit nějaké své hodně velké přání, vizi, sen nebo to, co si volají do života. Tato možnost by mě samotnou nenapadla. Je naprosto dokonale zázračná.

Diamant společně s vaším jménem a vaším zadáním provezu kouzelným Bali a udělám pro vás diamantový rituál na dálku, o kterém vám pak po návratu z cesty napíši. Při tomto rituálu pro vás vytáhnu na jednom ze silových míst na Bali 3 karty na 3 vaše otázky a pak ještě jednu kartu jako poselství z Bali pro vaši duši. Při diamantovém rituálu pak vaše přání, vizi nebo sen ukotvím druhým diamantem, který nechám na posvátném místě s vaším přáním. Tím dáte celému vesmíru najevo vaše velké rozhodnutí a impulz k tomu, aby se to začalo dít.


Diamant vám po návratu z Bali zašlu kurýrem. Druhý diamant zůstane na jednom z posvátných míst na Bali.

Kapacita je omezena pro 9 lidí.

Cena za zázrak č. 3 je 9999 Kč.

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