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Your only limit is your mind

A demonstration of meditation

I love working with the mind. I love to give inspiration on how to set your mind in such a way that you start to perceive the world, situations and your reality from a different perspective and thus start to create an increasingly pleasant feeling inside yourself.

Feeling full of lightness and joy. It is possible to feel better and better. It is possible to live your life with ever greater lightness, insight and joy.


Wherever you are in your lifein, it ismchange your life alter. Anytime! Whether you're in your 20s, or maybe 80 years. Shewhen is it not too late to make a change and publishwith cI am of my heart. On the way to which vheal your soul.

If you want to change something in life, you have to change something. And change forconsists in vof all minds.


Working with your mind and yourself is, in my opinion, the most important way. To transform oneself and thus everything that ism happening. It's not about what happens to you, but how you approach it, how you react to it and what story you create about it.



My possibilities are endless

My enthusiasm for this topic is endlessly expanding, so I hereby invite you to
21-day Miracle mindset program.


"OFuzana Noah, the meditation is incredible!! I have never been so immersed in meditation in my life. I was amazed, drawn in and thoroughly entertained. Your voice was not only miraculous, but so alive, authentic, even fairy-tale and joyful. Just wow is not enough! I am so grateful for this vibrant meditation.

I'm totally overwhelmedhla, enjoyed, and acquired. Thank you all the way

I look forward to it every day now. I felt like I was in paradise in my mind."



"Good morning Zuzi, I have to write to you last night I couldn't sleep and I did a meditation and it was so powerfully vibrating unbelievably I love it liberating just unbelievably beautiful and as if something fell out of me and I really believe unbelievably limitless  it really is a miracledivine meditation by beginning to end."



"Buzzabout !!!

This new meditation is GOD'S. That's such beauty, that's such omnipresent joy Your voice, Your voice is also God's, that joy from You radiates from miles away :)). I danced inside during the entire meditation. And I also danced in your garden near the new altar, it's really beautiful. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for those words. It is so necessary to anchor all this in yourself.

I was brought up in one big limitation and fear and this is really so important for me to hear like this and to be in the field of this and the previous "course"

The one who experienced  such a very restrictive family foundation surely feels the same as I do, how EXCITING, uplifting and joyful and above all much needed this is."




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