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I come from a creative family. I grew up among crystals and my dad and I were always creating something together. My dad taught me from childhood that everything is possible and that we create with thought. I always enjoyed creating with him. And so we create some projects together until now.

And this is one of them.

Unique large ritual crystals

Crystals have been connected to our family since my childhood. I actually grew up among the crystals. My parents sold crystals and products made from them on Charles Bridge, and production took place right at our home throughout my childhood. Some time passed and dad decided that, as part of his passion and love for crystals, he would offer others the opportunity to purchase unique large crystals (10-250 kg), which he has the opportunity to access thanks to his many years of contacts. These crystals are unique not only in their energy, but also in shape, color, size and weight.

At the same time, he decided to expand his contacts, and now we have already started transporting crystals directly from, for example, Brazil, and in the future we are planning to travel to places to collect crystals in person as well.

This project is a great joy for us  and this is the main reason why we started selling and offering large crystals. With crystals comes a new and strong supporting vibration for your life, family, housing, health, abundance or project, which can completely change your life in the best sense of the word. We love when we can support others through crystals on the way to a life that you have dreamed of and most of the time you have not even dreamed of.  We love when miracles happen, and with large crystals they happen quite often.

How can you choose a large crystal? We have several variants.


For those seriously interested in larger purchases of crystals, we can open the warehouse for individual arrangements. It is also possible to send you the current offer via messenger or email via photos and videos.

Or you can come and see the warehouse on one of the dates when we open it. 


Once in a while we open his crystal warehouse together with dad. For this occasion, I will prepare ritual cocoa with spices, scent the space with various incenses and create an altar for the sale of crystals. Dad will then open his warehouse for a few hours on the agreed day, which is located in

Brno – Tuřanech.  We can then meet here and you can choose and buy the crystals in person. My dad and I enjoy this way of selling and it doesn't happen often.


If you would ever be interested in experiencing the opening of this warehouse individually or with a group, please fill out the form. If you are interested in sending the current offer of large crystals, select this option in the form and I will contact you with the current offer.


In the warehouse, you can find smaller crystals as well as huge ones weighing 10-250 kg. We currently have crystals, amethysts, citrines (heat treated) and amethysts.


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