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The mission of the necklace

Let this piece of jewelry remind you every day that HEAVEN ON EARTH is right here and now. Let him show you and remind you that it is important to have HEAVEN ON EARTH within yourself first. Let this place inside you not only remind you, but also activate and help you on your journey of HEAVEN ON EARTH to experience more and more in your life.


Let this delightful feeling connect with every cell of your body.


May you live HEAVEN ON EARTH inside and out. As soon as you feel it in yourself, you will start to see it everywhere. And as you see it, it will begin to expand. And as it begins to expand, you will begin to choose it in your life more and more often. And then what happens is that you live it and enjoy it in all areas of your life. Because you always have a choice and it is always possible to make any change.


Let it bring you a change in the perception of this world. May you allow yourself and allow yourself to live HEAVEN ON EARTH anytime, anywhere and in any situation.

Make believe it is possible. Make believe it's natural. Let HEAVEN ON EARTH become a natural element of your perception and experience of the world.

NECKLACE Portal of Miracles

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