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Tento dar se mi otevíral postupně, a tak vás nyní můžu i tímto kouzelným způsobem podpořit na vaší cestě srdce a Duše.

Miracle codes and symbols

Miracle codes and symbols are actually a so-called light language. Light language has several explanations.

  • Language of the Soul / Higher Self

  • Coded transmission of pure love. In each code (be it a sound, symbol or sign) there is actually a large charge of quantum information hidden, which serves to release the old or to activate the new

  • This transmission can help you remember the various capacities of your Soul (memories of past lives including galactic ones, connection with your Soul family and your guides, deepening of your spiritual Gifts and much more)

Choose one of 100 colors and I will write you special activation codes on A3 paper right on the sacred Tor hill, which you can connect with any intention of your soul and heart. Or you can have codes written for you with no special intention and have gifts from Avalon passed on to you through symbols that you can open through those codes. You can have the codes written with a more general intention, for example by wanting to support, facilitate, activate some area in life through this sacred place (abundance, health, partnership, relationships, self-development) or you can set an intention that the codes will support what is most in harmony with your soul in the greatest ease, joy and love.



This offer is special because I will write the codes for you right on the Tór hill

(Earth's heart chakra) or in Chalice Well at the well said to be the holy grail. You can choose the place where I will write the code for you, the special color of the marker that I will write and draw the codes for you, and also the intention with which I will draw the codes for you.


About Glastonbury (Avalon)

The sacred power points in Glastonbury and the surrounding area are some of the strongest on Earth - deep experiences and activation of potentials come thanks to the connection with the ancient power points of the Earth - tuning into the energies of the given power points increases the vibrations of the heart, body, soul - blockages in the heart dissolve, paths open to greater freedom of soul and body, the sacred humanity within us blossoms.

In the holy places of Avalon, it is possible to open to the influx of new unifying energies that have the power to erase old dualistic thinking and experiencing and to transform us into a state of harmony and harmony with our essence, cosmic flow and creation.

Glastonbury and its surroundings, formerly also called Avalon, carry and guard the energy of one of the heart chakras of the Earth and the Great Mother Goddess. Avalon is rightly shrouded in many legends and myths, especially those of the Grail. With its magical touch, it provides a change and a shift in consciousness and feeling to all pilgrims who have visited it or will visit it, throughout the ages until today. Those who open themselves to this touch will begin to perceive their heart, its potential and expansion more, and through an open heart will feel a change in their consciousness and experience of life. It is one of the places on earth whose far-reaching healing potential touches anyone who asks.

The sacred mountain of Thor: here the geometric lines of Mary Magdalene and St. Michaela. The mountain is unique in its shape and is the largest 3D labyrinth in the world. By carefully following the maps, we can pass through all the layers of the labyrinth to the magical center. The tower on the hill represents a symbolic gateway between "ordinary Glastonbury" and "mystical Avalon". When we ritually walk through the tower, we have the opportunity to let the strong wind blow away everything that is clouding our vision in life, so that we can see ourselves and those around us in the true light.

Chalice Well:At the foot of Mount Tór stands a peaceful, meditative seven-chakra garden called Chalice Well, built around a natural reddish-colored spring. Many miraculous healings have been attributed to it over the centuries. Legend has it that at the bottom of the local well lies the symbol of the greatest human desires - the Holy Grail.

The well itself has many associations over countless ages. It is a sacred place beyond time, full of legends, symbolism and a special atmosphere. A place whose history knows no beginning.

You can join the offer until: 24.1. 2023 or until the capacity of 12 people is filled.

Investment:888 CZK


Nabídka je časově a kapacitně omezená.

Přeji vám, ať si skrze tuto nabídku otevřete, podpoříte a ukotvíte to, co si vaše srdce přeje.



Co nabídka obsahuje:

  • Kresba kódů a symbolů pro vaši duši přímo na jednom z posvátných míst na  Bali

  • Vonná tyčinka z Bali

  • Zaslání kresby s tyčinkou po návratu z cesty v týdnu od 5. 3.

Pokud tato nabídka oslovila vaše srdce, vyplňte objednávkový formulář níže.

Poté vám přijde e-mail s údaji k platbě

Po dokončení platby vám zašlu ještě speciální formulář pro maximální naladění na váš záměr.

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