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How my dream room manifested at Café Fara

I want to share with you a miraculous story that happened to me just before Christmas. I believe that

sharing such stories opens up a belief in the miraculousness of life in many of you and that anything is

truly possible. My great wish is for such stories to start happening to you, as often as possible.

When you open up to it, truly anything is possible!

Before Christmas, I treated myself to a 4-day stay at Pálava. I went to Pálava alone and had an absolutely

wonderful time there, full of synchronicities and an unbelievable miracle to go with it. Life can come up

with such things...

For over a year, I had been longing to go alone to some beautiful place.

Since I was either pregnant or breastfeeding for 5 years straight, I simply couldn't travel. However, in

summer, after 2 years and 2 months of breastfeeding my little Noemi, I finally booked a room in one of

my favorite places, Pálava.

It's a place called Café Fara in Klentnice. The entire concept of Café Fara is unique in many ways. I love their sense of design and detail. They grow their own vegetables and fruits, have the largest coffee

machine museum in Central Europe and a store with their own products. In the room, you'll be surprised

by a chocolate slicer and in the wellness area, you'll find things like an apple dispenser. Near this place

there is also a very powerful energy spot, where Honza and I had our Czech wedding. It's a beautiful stone

„menhir“ circle and you can learn more about it on their website. For my time alone with myself, this

place was simply perfect and original. And it held a great deal of sacredness and beautiful memories.

My dream was to stay in the "Paradise" room. But it was fully booked until the end of the year.

So, I booked the Apricot room instead. Each room is named based on its design. My dream was to stay in

a room called Paradise. It's the most beautiful of all the rooms, it has a view of the entire Pálava area and

is designed in white. This room even has a hot tub for two and a fireplace. But it was fully booked until

the end of the year, so I ended up choosing the Apricot room I mentioned earlier.

I asked if the Paradise room had become available, but no one got back to me.

A day before departure, it occurred to me to write to Café Fara and inquire if by any chance the Paradise

room had become available. But no one got back to me. It didn't bother me and I looked forward to

whatever was to come. I love that kind of "flow", where I let life surprise me with complete trust in what

will happen. So, I looked forward to it.

The day of departure arrived...

I packed everything I felt I needed for 4 days alone with myself. Among other things, my Omniblend

blender, ritual items, some of our Vitalvibe superfoods, a few books and „Rozcestník". I arrived at the

reception of Café Fara. The lady welcomed me, gave me all the information and also handed me the key

to my Apricot room. During our conversation, I asked her if by any chance the Paradise room had become

available. Just in case. The receptionist told me that this room was fully booked all year-round and

continued with other necessary information.

The Paradise room was fully booked, but my intuition was strong.

Then we left the reception. We crossed the street and entered the courtyard of the main area and at that

moment, I realized that the lady hadn't checked the availability of the Paradise room in the computer. So, I

asked her again about the Paradise room and reminded her that she hadn't actually looked into the

computer. What if, by some magic, it had become available? She once again told me that the room was

fully booked all year-round.

My intuition was very strong and my desire to be in that room was enormous. So, I couldn't resist and

convinced her to go back to the reception with me. The receptionist was great and agreed. We returned to

the reception.

The receptionist looked into the computer and stared at me:

"That's not possible. The room is available! This has never happened before. There must be a mistake. You must have very strong wishes, right? I need to make a call."

The receptionist began to inquire with her superiors about how this could have happened. Here is the

room ready for accommodation. At that moment, not even her supervisor knew what had actually

happened. However, the room was prepared, but there was no reservation for it. So, they suggested

swapping rooms for me.

The Paradise room was prepared for me, plus a cosmic bonus!

The only thing missing from the room was the chocolate for the chocolate slicer, which is in every room.

It's a kind of design thing that you don't actually need but really want to have. Because simply breaking

chocolate with the chocolate slicer is an experience. And I could also choose a vegan chocolate as a gift. I

absolutely love these cosmic bonuses in miraculous stories!

And what's more? The room was available until Sunday!

Another bonus was that the room was available until Sunday, so I extended my stay by an extra day. So, I

also experienced a wonderful full moon in this place.

  • I love these miracles of life and how various wishes can manifest in ways you couldn't possibly imagine.

  • I love how reality can change to make things like this happen.

  • I love believing that anything is truly possible and opening up to this setting in life more and more.

  • I love writing and celebrating these stories.

  • I love it when these kinds of stories then start happening to people around me.

With absolute faith in the miraculousness of life and joy in my heart.

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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