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How a wish can come true within a few hours

I had a wish to wear a crystal necklace related to the theme of miracles for our Vitalvibe Christmas event.

I had one at home, but it was broken. The desire was so strong that I wanted to string it with a cord.

However, in the end, I told myself that the right crystal would come to me at the perfect time. So, I went

to the Christmas event without the crystal. What happened next was absolutely astonishing and unpredictable! The Universe can deliver anything we ask for - if we allow it. With this article, I want to

show you how the power of wishes works and support your belief in the miracles of life.

The Soul Speaks at the Right Time

I previously wrote an article about the ritual I arranged for myself to support and anchor the theme of

miracles. As part of this ritual, I drew cards, and one of those cards was called "Miracle." It was a very

strong connection for me. It also amused me because I had never drawn that card before, and I didn't even

know such a card existed in the deck! After completing the ritual, another pleasant synchronicity

happened, which I didn't write about in the original article.

About an hour after I finished the ritual, my friend Taraka Solei sent me a reading and a message for my

soul. Another beautiful support and timing! Even though I had requested this message, I wasn't sure when

it would be ready and sent to me. The soul just speaks at the right time, and that's what happened.

A few days later, I received another reading for my soul, this time from my other friend Žaneta Ariata,

who has a wonderful spiritual project just like Taraka. When I asked for this reading, I also gave her a

question related to the topic I am sharing with you here - the theme of miracles, synchronicities and the

absolute belief in the boundlessness of the universe, divine timing and the infinite potential to transform

our reality into even greater ease and joy.

I received a wonderful hour-long recording from Žaneta that deeply moved me. On the day I listened to

this recording, we were about to have a company Christmas afternoon with our beloved team from


We were supposed to have a Christmas afternoon and I felt that I wanted to wear a crystal necklace

After finishing Žaneta's recording, I had two more hours, so I started getting ready for the Christmas

afternoon. Still, the thought kept running through my mind that I wanted to wear a crystal necklace that

would be connected to my theme of miracles and synchronicities.

At home, I had a crystal necklace, but it had a broken part where a string could be threaded. However, my

desire to wear the crystal necklace that day was very strong that I even considered wrapping the broken

crystal with a string and wearing it around my neck that way. In the end, I didn't go through with it.

I told myself that I would get a crystal like that sooner or later. Or it would come to me at the right time.

So I went to the Christmas afternoon without the crystal necklace. And what happened next was

absolutely stunning and unpredictable for me!

A perfect example of how wishes can manifest within a few hours

Our entire company Christmas event took place at the Samsara estate. It's our annual Christmas tradition

that always happens at this location. It's a time when we're all together with the entire Vitalvibe team. We

have the whole wellness area to ourselves, where we can relax, chat or just be together in silence and feel

each other in a slightly different way. Perhaps even more so.

Part of our Christmas afternoon is a vegan dinner, a review of the year and gift-giving. In the company,

we have a special Christmas tradition. Everyone brings one gift, but no one ever knows who will receive

it. All the gifts are numbered and placed under the Christmas tree and then each person draws a number

and receives the gift with that number. Often, most people get something that suits them perfectly or

something that is contextually funny in relation to that person.

I drew a gift that was simply miraculous for me! If others only knew what had happened a few hours before, some might not even believe it!

When I saw the gift, I felt immense joy that others couldn't understand at that moment!

My gift included my favorite incense Palo Santo, a candle shaped like a dwarf made from beeswax (the

universe has a sense of humor) and a beautiful crystal necklace! The crystal was tied around the neck of

this dwarf on a beautiful cord that could be adjusted exactly as needed.

This crystal was prepared by one of our colleague ́s wife, whom I know personally as well. After she

found out that I had chosen her gift, she sent me a message saying that she usually writes a message with

the crystal, but this time she didn't write one because she felt that the future owner of the crystal knows

exactly what it carries and what it's meant for.

This year's Christmas gift box was very special and life-changing

Besides our traditional gift exchange, we also gave each member of the Vitalvibe team an additional gift. I

felt that I wanted each person to have something personal, special and a bit magical from us. Something

that would support everyone to the fullest in their lives and help them pursue their dreams. Many people

at Vitalvibe are already living their dream lives, but we can always go further - enrich life with even more

beauty, joy, lightness, flow and more or less magic. We can always open ourselves more and more to the

wonders of life.

And something like the "Rozcestník" can serve this opening. We absolutely love it, which is why we

added it to every Christmas gift box. "Rozcestník" is a motivational journal, guide and supporter all in

one. It's a tool to help you realize what you actually want in life, what you're calling for in your life and

where you're heading. It's a motivational guide in the form of a diary created with great enthusiasm and

love by Vít Libovický and Lucie Jeschková and you can get it on their website. By entering the code

"loveofraw," you'll get a 15% discount on it.

We also included Palo Santo incense with the "Rozcestník" in the gift box. It's a so-called sacred wood

with a beautiful scent that can purify space and energy. We use it every day in the company as well as at

home. It's a wonderful cleansing fragrance that has been with us for almost 8 years.

Also included there was a personal Christmas letter for each member of our team. This year, I was the one

writing the Christmas letters and I wrote 18 of them. I must say that it was a great experience for me and

while writing them, I gained many realizations. I came to a deeper understanding of the wonderful and

conscious people we have in our team and the gratitude I genuinely feel towards all of them. Each letter

seemed to be written by itself. In a few minutes, I didn't even know what I had written to each person. I

truly wrote from the heart and with my heart.

I've written a whole article on the topic of Christmas letters, in which you can find inspiration on how to

write such a letter. It doesn't have to be just a Christmas letter; you can write it anytime. You can teach it

to children as well - write letters to them, and they write to you. You'll realize a lot. Such a letter is usually

quite transformative. We've been writing these letters for over 8 years. But you'll find all of that in a

separate article.

With this piece of the article, I would like to once again sincerely thank all the members of the Vitalvibe

team who co-create with us and fulfill the mission of Vitalvibe - conscious living in harmony. And at the

same time, they enable us to provide the purest and highest quality life-giving foods and superfoods in

organic and raw quality to the market, along with much more. We've been doing this for over 10 years.

Behind the word "thank you" is a tremendous sense of joy, anticipation of what we will achieve in the

coming year and a great love that permeates everything we create together and bring to the world. And

because words often fall short of describing a feeling, I believe that the sentiment behind all of this

sharing can be felt.


The universe can deliver anything we ask for if we allow it.

With this article, I want to support your belief in the miracles of life. I wish that you allow yourself to

experience it as well. In all areas of life where you need more lightness, support, magic and miracles.

And if, by chance, your wishes don't come true, something even more beautiful will happen to you - if

you allow it and believe in this setting. It works perfectly for me!

Because if you were able to see the support that is all around you, you wouldn't be afraid to take any step

that your heart calls you to. I always imagine that the incredible force that can move planets and the entire

universe is at my disposal, and my wishes are utterly simple for it.

♥ Your Zuzka Noah


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