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- 3 month journey -



Thanks to this 3-month journey, you will unlock your miraculous potential and step into a life whereera you wish to live. You step into a place inside yourself where  compliance


My heart opens to the miracles each and every moment.

Who we are andwhat we love?

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Zuzana Noah

I love dancing, making chocolate and making ritual cocoa. And I also love to prepare an energy space that opens the mind and especially the heart. I visit Ecstatic Dance regularly in Bali and I always wanted to experience this in the Czech Republic as well. In a wonderful space in the middle of nature, in a ritually prepared environment fine-tuned by a crystal altar, with wonderful aromas, cocoa and chocolate. And thanks to the connection with Lucka and Petr, this dream of mine came true. And even more magical was the fact that this dream was not only mine, but Petr and Lucka had it as well.


Kapacita: 5 míst

Cena: 11 111 Kč/měsíčně

Zvu vás do jedinečného prostoru, který vás skrze energetický prostor pozve na cestu k sobě samým a který pro vás bude nachystaný tak, aby ještě více podpořil vaše otevření se neomezeným možnostem a zázračným řešením. Nechte se překvapit.

Content of offer

  • Ritual opening of the quantum miracle field and the setting of your intentions, wishes and dreams through a live online meeting.

  • Building a manifestation altar for 3 months to unlock your miraculous potential.

  • Support in the form of insights and sharing in the form of voice and text messages.

  • Many synchronicities and bigger or smaller miracles that you will start to see more often in your life

  • A new perspective on the situations that happen to you.

  • Tips, inspiration and motivation

  • At the end of the month, online sharing of what happened that month and where your life has moved thanks to our connection.

This term doesn't suit you? 

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