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Protože tyto šperky miluju už mnoho let a protože mě baví dělat radost i druhým, tak mě napadlo, že k mé osobní objednávce přidám i tu vaší a špetky vyzvednu osobně na Bali a přivezu je do ČR.
Nabídka je tedy časově omezená a šperky je potřeba objednat do 21.2.2024


I wanted to design jewelry, but finally the opportunity arose to offer you my most favorite jewelry, which I have been importing for myself from Bali for many years.

They are exceptional. I haven't discovered a more beautiful one yet. I sense that they have a soul. I perceive that they have a unique energy and for me they carry a great charm.

Each piece of jewelry goes through a blessing ritual in Bali. Each piece of jewelry carries a story and message, and some of them even have mindset inscriptions on the other side of the jewelry. They are the most beautiful jewelry I have discovered so far.

The way I feel is that one or more pieces of jewelry always accompany me through a certain period. And usually I don't even take it off at all. All of them are made of genuine silver, gold plated using the golden plated method.


But I will not sell this jewelry year round. It makes me so happy, so I decided to add yours to my personal order.


I accept orders until June 30, 2023



The offer is limited in time and the jewelry must be ordered by 30.6.2023
Then I will order the jewelry and arrange for it to be sent to the Czech Republic and then send it to your home by courier. You can expect them during August and it is possible that they will arrive at the end of July.




1. Check out their site and choose jewelry or jewelry.

2.Then fill out the order formbelow.

You will then receive an email with payment details.

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