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This idea arose spontaneously on one of the Azores islands.
On one of the cliffs, I was inspired to create a crystalline grid of abundance for myself, which will gradually grow in connection with my journeys to sacred places.

And I thought I might as well create it for some of you.

Crystal grid

A crystal grid is a way of working with crystals where we use them cooperation and the intention with which we build it. An ideal grid is folded into regular shape in accordance with sacred geometry. I will use sacred geometry in every ritual I do in connection with this offering. This special grid of abundance will be shaped according to the places on the planet where I will gradually leave the crystals.


The Azores are the first place where the grid was anchored and the next place where it is now anchored is Santiago de Compostela and the fabled Avalon. The grid will be expanded in connection with my further journeys through sacred places. You can then mentally imagine how the grid is energetically created by connecting the given places on the map.

The power and strength of crystals grid

  • Crystal grids have the power and the power to attract into our lives everything we wish to have in it or, on the contrary, help us to dissolve what we no longer wish to experience.

  • Grids are too a driving force that will give our intentions the necessary spark, that will attract or dissolve everything we focus on with its energy.

I love working with crystals. They are great helpers and such "vibration anchors" for me. A crystalline grid of abundance will be created gradually in the most energetically interesting places on the planet, and you can always intuitively decide whether the next place I visit will call you and you will join this offer as well.

In the place where I anchor the abundance grid, I always leave a crystal linked to your name and with the intention of anchoring abundance, financial freedom and the consciousness of well-being for you as part of the abundance ritual.

Maybe you just need one stone in one special place for your intention, or maybe you join all the offers and all the energy places. It is entirely up to your intuition.


For other parts of the crystal grid, I plan these additional locations:

Hawaii, Japan, Tanzania, Pyramids Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pyramids in Egypt and other places that call me for this purpose.


FROM 14.2 - 4.3.2024

This offering is special in that I will anchor the abundance grid for you with 3 rituals in 3 special sacred places. I leave one Himalayan crystal at each location for each of you and your abundance, prosperity and financial freedom. So in this case you will have 3 crystals in Bali, with which I will anchor the grid and at the same time connect it energetically with the Azores, Santiago de Compostela and

3 power places in Avalon (the sacred hill of Thor, Chalice Well and Abbey) and where the grid is already anchored.


Part of the ritual also includes drawing a card directly for you at one of the sacred places in Bali.


3 sacred places in Bali where the grid will be anchored for you

Sacred waterfall

Here, in addition to the Himalayan crystal, I will also leave a pro for the customs for each of youou group one small diamond right in the waterfall


Tirta Empul Temple

It is one of the most famous temples in Bali. It is said that one can experience complete karmic cleansing here. The ceremony here is performed in a temple pool with jets, during which you are blessed with holy water, through which you begin to perceive all the blessings of your life so far. The stay is connected with unrepeatable feelings of gratitude and humility. For each participant, I will leave one Himalayan crystal at this temple and purify it in these sacred waters.


Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony - Five Elements


I will take one of the crystals for each of you for the fire ceremony.


Agni Hotra (Agni means fire and Hotri means healing) is a unique ceremony from the Vedic tradition, chanting mantras in Sanskrit and performing ancient rituals around fire, which symbolizes divine light. Sacrifices, especially butter and grain, are thrown into the fire and it is beneficial not only for humans, but also for the surrounding land and environment. It has great cleansing and energizing effects. Specially trained priests recite sacred texts evoking blessings and abundance. A unique event with traditional rituals encouraging the soul and mental experience/relaxation, freeing from pain. At the end, the participant receives a coconut, which he smashes on the ground. This act symbolizes getting rid of one's own ego, which is the cause of human hardship and suffering. You immediately feel reborn.

You can join the offer until: 24.1. 2023

or until the capacity of 33 people is filled

Price for anchoring abundance in Bali at three power points: 1111 CZK


Nabídka je časově a kapacitně omezená. Tři rituály hojnosti proběhnou v průběhu mých cest po Bali. O termínech rituálů budete předem informováni ve facebookové soukromé skupině, abyste se k rituálům mohli připojit na dálku.

I wish you to open yourself up to creating as much wealth as your heart desires through this offering.



What the offer includes:

  • Leaving a crystal with your name and surnameby anchoring abundance on all levels directly for you in 3 special locations in Bali as part of an abundance ritual for this purpose.


By formE-email after my return to the Czech Republic(in the week from 5.3.2024) you will also get:

  • Videos and photos from the ritealu

  • Card drawnou in one of the sacred places with a message just for you

  • A special Facebook group where I will share the energy of these places with you via live broadcasts.

If thisthe offer appealed to your heart, youfill out the order formbelow.

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